Top 5 Free Summer Date Ideas

Love is in the air everywhere you look around! Or at least “like” is. Anyway, I’ve comprised a list of my favorite free summer date ideas for you and your “boo” to do this summer. Guys, put away your wallets you don’t need them this time around. I promise she’ll be impressed with the thoughtfulness of these dates. Girls, prepare to be romantically woo’ed and instead of him spending money on your date, he can use the money on those shoes you were eyeing. Thank me later 😉


How romantic would it be to walk across the bridge with your special someone, snapping pictures and sharing stories? The Brooklyn Bridge on a nice summer day is one of the best sceneries in New York City. That’s what makes it an excellent date idea. I suggest you do this date towards the evening so you can watch the sunset. Also, you can choose to begin or end your journey at the Brooklyn Bridge park and Carousel area. This idea is also great if there is something special you want to ask your “hunny.” I’m just saying.

BK Bridge copy


Throughout the summer, different locations in almost every borough are providing free movie screenings. This takes the normal “dinner and a movie” date to another level. My favorite movie date locations are Bryant Park on Mondays, Hudson RiverFlicks on Wednesdays, and Syfy Movies on Thursdays. Each of these locations are extremely romantic and have the best views of the city. A full list of all of the summer movies can be found at nyc.go. Also, bring a blanket and a picnic of your favorite snacks to this movie date. Your date will be like a movie if you make it special.



Museum dates are more romantic than you think. I know you’ve seen in the movies where  two people bump into each other while viewing the same painting and begin a long conversation and later fall in love. It sounds cheesy but it’s actually really sweet. So I believe a museum date would be just as cheesy and romantic. The MOMA is free every Friday from 4pm to 8pm. Also, every first Saturday of the month the Brooklyn Museum is free from 5pm to 11pm. Lastly, the Museum of Sex is another option. It isn’t free but it is still a cheap date. For a full list of museum rates visit

BK Museum 3


My absolute favorite free date is a picnic in the park or on the beach. Both the park and beach are perfect for creating the date that you want. Maybe you and your guy like drawing cute pictures that share your story or playing the childhood game “I spy.” Maybe you enjoy throwing a football around in the beach water and playing in the waves together. Whatever cute little ways you have fun and show your love, this is the perfect option to do it. Guys, if you need help creating the perfect beach or park date, I am always available to help. Trust me, she’ll love this option. Ladies, if you’re planning to go to the beach with your man, wear that sexy bathing suit you know he likes. It will make him happy and there will be more great dates to come.



I  suggest you pick a day or night where it’s warm or slightly breezy and take your “boo” for a long stroll on The High Line. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be your “boo”, just someone who is special to you and you’d like to share a special moment with. The High Line is located in the Meatpacking/Chelsea area. It is the perfect place to go before or after a dinner date. For dinner options, check my Food page. Specifically, my favorite restaurants in this area are Sugar Factory and Spice Market.  Anyway, make sure your phone’s battery is charged because you will want to take pictures. Trust me, you’ll want to capture the moment.


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