5 Eye-catching Displays of Street Art In New York City

I’m not sure which blogger started this fad of taking extremely eye catching photos posed in front of street art but I like it. I will not pretend as if I’m one of biggest art appreciators of the world but I know when I see a display of artwork that makes me instantly feel good it’s something to appreciate. I also know which murals are perfect for bloggers like myself who know a blog worthy photo when they see one. These are a few of the surprise gems of artwork found in New York City.

1. “Protect Yo Heart”

While you’re walking through the streets of New York, you may look down and see the words “Protect Yo Heart.” These words of wisdom have popped up everywhere. This artistic expression is that of artist Uncasso, better known as @uncuttart. Who would have thought there would be beauty on the floors of the city?



2. Bradley Theodore

All over the walls of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, you’ll recognize slightly more colorful version of well known celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld and Kendall Jenner. These unique displays of familiar faces are paintings by Bradley Theodore @bradleytheodore.


Photography by @2onenine_photos

3. “I Love NY”

We’ve seen the phrase “I Love NY” enough times to last us a lifetime but I do think this spin on it is pretty cool. Nick Walker @nickwalker_art is the artist behind this eye catching New York staple in Lower East Side, Manhattan.


Photography by @2onenine_photos

4. “Full Force”

I found a mural called “Full Force” by Indie I84 @indie184 strolling through the LES. This was one of those murals where you take a step back and try and absorb it all one section at a time. What stood out to me was the two strikingly beautiful faces of a woman.


Photography by @2onenine_photos

5. “The Love Wall”

On a rainy or sunny day there’s always love in the streets of Soho. The #LoveWall also known as #BleedingHearts is a a unique creation by @jgoldcrown that spreads love in our city. Who needs a little love today?




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    I really enjoyed this post. I enjoy seeing murals and other street art although I don’t consider myself “artsy”. I REALLY like your blog. It’s very different than any other blog I’ve visited. Thanks for great content!

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      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support. Nice chatting with you on Twitter as well 🙂

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