St. Thomas Beaches

While on my vacation to St. Thomas I visited two of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to in my life. You may or may not know this but my mother’s side of my family are from St. Thomas so I grew up hearing stories about these beaches. I visited St. Thomas years ago but I never had the opportunity to actually lay on the beach and enjoy it. They are absolutely beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. The two beaches I visited were Magens Bay and Coki Point. If you visit St. Thomas, make sure you go to these two beaches.

Magens Bay

On the Sunday after Carnival, Magens Bay has a big celebration cookout. It includes food, music, drinks and a small parade. It’s a nice way to end the Carnival festivities.

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Magens Bay Sunset


Coki Pt.

Coki Pt has a small restaurant close-by called Restaurant 39. The owners made us feel extremely welcome and specially prepared each of us a meal. For $15 I got shrimp, pasta, mashed potatoes, rice and corn. If you visit  Coki Pt make sure you stop by.




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