Spending The Day In Southampton

Our new family took a 2 hour drive day to trip to Southampton for the July 4th weekend. We chose to go on Friday July 5th to avoid traffic, and to avoid any chance of crowds. We arrived to relaxed and sunny Southampton around 2pm which was the perfect time. The sun was high in the sky and it was a great time to either head to the beach or do some shopping. We chose to do some shopping first on Main Street. We browsed through stores like Ralph Lauren, Alice & Olivia, Ruby & Jenna (where I caught some great deals on vacation clothes) and Mint. I even got a free cold brew at the Ralph Lauren outdoor cart.

After walking around for 2 hours, we got hungry and wanted to enjoy the beach. Cooper’s Beach is exactly a mile and half from the shopping area so we drove over to Cooper’s Beach. After 5pm, there is free access to the beach. Before 5pm, a parking permit is required for $50. We were perfectly happy with arriving to the beach at the start of the evening because why in the world would we want to pay $50 for the same sand and water we could see after 5pm. I had packed our lunches in my favorite picnic basket, grabbed our blanket, a handy umbrella and our family had our first beach picnic.

At about 7pm, we decided to leave the beach. Our options were to head back to Main Street where all the restaurants and shops were or drive home. We of course decided on going to a restaurant. While walking around Main Street earlier in the day, we saw how popular the restaurant 75 Main was. People were constantly popping in and out all day. So we decided 75 Main Street would be where we went for light appetizers since we already ate and a drink. I ordered a bowl of Pan Roasted Mussels and they were delicious.

Now it’s 8:30pm and again, we can go home or we can enjoy an outdoor movie. Which option do you think we chose? Yup, the outdoor movie. We grabbed some chairs from the trunk of the car, our leftover snacks from our beach picnic and enjoyed a showing of Star Wars IV presented by the Hamptons International Film Festival. We decided to only stay for about 45 minutes of the movie before taking the two hour drive back home.

Southampton was the perfect lowkey day trip. We actually took this trip exactly four years ago on July 4th. It’s incredible to see that although our lives have completely changed and we are now a family a three, Southampton has stayed the same. Have you been to Southampton? What was your experience like?

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