San Francisco

5 Sites to See in San Francisco

The colorful homes and eye catching murals of San Francisco have fully gotten my attention. This is my second time in the Bay Area but my first time exploring like a true tourist. I’ve been able to truly flourish and enjoy the many sights that San Francisco has to offer. My trip isn’t complete yet but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of what I’ve been doing. These are five sites to see in San Francisco.


1.Golden Gate Bridge

I know you’re thinking well obviously Pam, the Golden Gate Bridge is the most known landmark in San Francisco. There’s no surprise there. But hey, I had to include it.


2. Dolores Park

Dolores Park is an ideal place to chill. It’s perfect for the park obsessive person like myself who loves to lay out in the sun, read a book or play a game with friends. By the way, when you visit Dolores Park, don’t forget your “5 Picnic Essentials For A Day In The Park,” you will need them.

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3. Twin Peaks Viewpoint

Twin Peaks are two small hills that sit at the highest point of San Francisco. Which means it has the most amazing panoramic view of the city. As you know from my “5 Places In NYC With The Most Amazing Views” I’m obsessed with views so Twin Peaks is my favorite site to see in San Francisco.

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4. Painted Ladies

Painted ladies is a multicolored row of Victorian houses made popular by the 90s show Full House. Remember the intro of the show when the Tanner’s were sitting on a blanket in the grass across from a scenic row of houses? That row of houses are the Painted Ladies. How’s that for a trip down San Francisco memory lane?


5. Conservatory of Flowers

The Conservatory of Flowers is a beautiful greenhouse located in the Golden Gate Park filled with exotic plants and flowers. This beautiful floral sanctuary reminds me of “A Breathtaking Day at the Orchid Show” in New York. Flowers make me very happy so the Conservatory of Flowers is my “happy place” in San Francisco.


Eating Like A True Cali Girl


It’s Taco Tuesday! Or maybe it’s not. Either way, I absolutely loved Tacolicious. The Tacolicious in the Mission has the cutest outdoor eating area. On a nice sunny day, what could be better than tasty tacos combined with sunny skies? Nothing compares.


2. Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Ice Cream uses unique “Brr” technology to create the smoothest, smallest crystalized ice cream fresh for each customer. The process to make each batch of ice cream is so uniquely special. The ice cream is so amazingly good that I returned not one, not two but three times while in SF. Don’t believe me, the proof is on my Instagram @simplypamarie P.S. This Cookie Dough cone was incredible! ?


3. Cha Cha Cha

Can I tell you a secret? I had my first official solo dinner date experience at Cha Cha Cha and I absolutely loved it. I spent the entire day alone being a tourist and after a while my stomach started to talk to me. So after walking around Haight Street for 20 minutes, I saw Cha Cha Cha and loved the look so I walked in. I ordered the Arroz con Pollo and absolutely loved it!


4. Back A Yard Caribbean Grill

I was looking for a hole in the wall yummy Caribbean restaurant and my sister introduced me to Back A Yard Caribbean Grill. What I loved about this restaurant is that it’s nestled in a small community and it’s one of those treasures that you have to be introduced to or else you would pass it. I ordered the snapper, and in true Caribbean fashion, it came with the head and eyes. Absolute perfection!


5. Bi-Rite Creamery

I stood in line for Bi-Rite Creamery for about 15 minutes and surprisingly enough I was told that the wait time was pretty normal. Once it was my turn to order, I of course had to do the most and order two flavors and put it on a cone. Then put the cone in a cup. But hey, didn’t it make the perfect picture?