Sammy’s Fish Box Restaurant

Lobster tail, shrimp and crab legs are my seafood weakness. So when I found out I could get all of that at Sammy’s for $49.95, my greedy self was too excited. You actually get a lot of food for what you pay which is always a good thing. I went on a Tuesday and there was absolutely no one there but it was perfect because I got to indulge without a wait or crowd.


But more importantly, the service was good and Sammy’s is a nice place to go eat with a friend or family. It’s really relaxed, not upscale or anything so you can go and dig in without worrying about looking cute. Maybe i’m the only one who gets serious when I’m  eating crab legs, no time for looking cute.


Anyway, I suggest you try Sammy’s and afterwards take a walk around City Island. It’s located right by the water, perfect for a little photo opt right after dinner. That’s what we did and it was fun.


Location:  Sammy’s Fish Box City Island 41 City Island Ave  Bronx, NY 10464

Type of Food: Seafood

Ambiance: Relaxed

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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