Lounging At Pillow Café

This season I’m on a quest to find the coziest restaurants, coffee shops and cafe’s for dining during the Fall. What says a cozy lounge more than booths and pillows? While on a brunch quest in Brooklyn, not looking to go anywhere extravagant and overpriced, I came across Pillow Café-Lounge. I peeped the pillows in the window, read their Pillow brunch specials and was instantly sold. To my surprise not only was their indoor dining area cozy, so was their herb garden dining area. So I opted for the backyard because it was sunny and warm that day.



The brunch sign at the entrance said “shrimp and grits” and that’s really what lured me in so I asked my waitress about it and she said it was amazing. That worked for me. So of course I ordered that and also was able to taste the bacon and cheddar waffle as well. Both dishes were exactly what I wanted. The jumbo shrimp were juicy and the slightly spicy sauce on the creamy grits were fantastic. This specialty is on their “Fall Specials” menu so I suggest you try them before it’s no longer available.




Pillow was a great start to my Fall food excursions. I’m looking for more cozy brunch and dinner places for the Fall season. If you have any suggestions, comment below, let me know where I should go!Pillows1

Location: Pillow Café-Lounge 505 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Cozy, Chill and Relaxed

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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