Taste a piece of heaven at Piece of Velvet

Red Velvet cake and cupcakes are delicious but have you ever tried a Blue Velvet cake? Now that is something you must try. Both cakes are delectable and taste like a piece of heaven. I kept hearing about this cake and finally made a stop in to Piece of Velvet in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I walked into a small cake heaven with an array of bright colors and flavors. There are coconut frosting cakes, yellow cakes, red velvet,  blue velvet and more. For the sweet toothed individual like myself, this is a place you need to visit!

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Piece of Velvet 5

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Piece of Velvet is located in a great place, it’s located on Fulton street. There are other great restaurants on Fulton Street that you can visit like Habana Outpost and the Smoke Joint. After you dine at these places, you absolutely want to end your meal with a slice of cake from Piece of Velvet. I suggest on a nice day you sit outdoors at the sitting area right in front of the Smoke Joint and enjoy!  If you’re interested in experiencing Piece of Velvet you can use this deal Piece of Velvet Deal for $9.00 for six red velvet cupcakes and other cupcake deals.

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Note: Piece of Velvet also offers full cakes for special occasions and celebrations. They also offer delivery options.

Location: Piece of Velvet  708 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217


17W 125th St Harlem, NY 10027

Type of Food: Cakes and Cupcakes

Ambiance: Bake shop with outdoor seating

Pricing: $6.oo/Cake slice, $3.50/Cupcake & More

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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