5 Picnic Essentials For A Day In The Park

Let’s have a picnic in the park just because the weather is gorgeous. Whether you’re on an hour lunch break at work or you want to spend your weekend at your favorite park, these are five picnic essentials you should have to enjoy your picnic experience. Keep in mind, to enhance your picnic you can bring whatever you’d like, but these are the basics.

1. A Blanket

Though this essential is pretty obvious, let me give you some tips on which blanket to choose. When choosing a blanket, please leave your momma’s good sheets in the linen closet. For one she will be pissed to know you laid her good sheets in the grass and spilled juice on them. Also, choose something that is slightly thick if possible because the grass may be slightly damp or there may be little pebbles or tree wood laying around. Lastly, I like to choose a sheet that’s bright and/or colorful just to add to my happy outdoor experience.

Picnic Essentials 1

2. A Book or Magazine

A picnic is a great time to catch up on some good reads. That book that you’ve been meaning to read is perfect during an outdoor picnic because most likely, you’re not going anywhere for a while anyway. If you’ve subscribed to a magazine like Essence or Vogue, and you haven’t read the last two issues, this is the perfect time to catch up. The background noise of birds chirping and people laughing bring a very calming experience to your read especially while on a lunch break.

Picnic Essentials 3

3. A Game

Normally in a group setting at a picnic everyone is talking and laughing but it’s nice to have an activity that everyone can join in on. I suggest bringing a ball, or playing cards, or a board game that doesn’t have a million pieces that you can lose. This will add an activity to your picnic so people don’t become bored just sitting around. It will create competition and teams so that people interact with each other and have fun.

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4. Sunglasses

Yes sunglasses look really cool and give you a celebrity look but when you’re at a picnic and the sun is beaming, they are a necessity. They are also really important if you’re laying down and he sun is directly on you. If you have more than one pair, keep a pair at your desk at work just in case you forget to bring a pair one day.

Picnic Essentials 4

5. Food

Obvious essential you think again right? Well let me once again just give you a few tips. You want to bring food that is light enough to carry, doesn’t need to be kept warm or out of the sun, and can be eaten with just your hands (no utensils needed.) I normally bring a sandwich and chips on my picnic outings. It’s easy to eat and can be kept outside. Sometimes I bring cupcakes because they’re delicious and also can be eaten easily. What’s your favorite picnic food?

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