A Paint Nite Party for You!

Hey Sharae, it’s your birthday and as my annual gift to you, I’ve planned your surprise celebration. My sister Sharae is an artist, a graphic designer, and a UX (user experience) designer. She’s been drawing pictures and painting since we were kids. I use to bring my classwork home from art class in junior high, have her do it for me and bring it back completed perfectly. (Needless to say my teacher caught on to this once she had Sharae as a student in later years.) So I thought a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday this year is to tap into her expertise and have all of her friends join in. This year I planned a Paint Nite celebration. Paint Nite is a sip and paint activity where you are instructed by an artist to paint a selected piece of artwork and drink creatively. It was the perfect birthday celebration for an artist and friends.



Our instructor for our event was Chris Ams, a very lively and encouraging instructor and our featured painting was the Homemade Bouquet. I chose something I knew Sharae would like and also a painting those of us who didn’t graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design could keep up with. Chris let us know that we could be as creative as we wanted to be and didn’t have to follow exactly what he was instructing. We were encouraged to be as creative as our abilities would take us. Sharae decided to paint her friend Jairus, Stephanie painted a pretty cool skull head with a floral face, Joe painted his background a vibrant blue color and Kaleb chose large flowers as his petals. I on the other hand had Sharae paint a vase for me instead of a mason jar. (Once again reverting back to the days Sharae did all, yes all of my art projects.)







Paint Nite lasts about two hours. We all enjoyed mixing colors, following along with the direction of our instructor and adding our own flair. Paint Nite is available in different areas of New York City as well as across the country. I encourage you to sign up for a Paint Nite near you. It’s a great date night experience, and it’s perfect for group activities including birthdays, bachelorette parties or any bonding experience. You may purchase tickets through Groupon here or sign up for emails and receive their monthly promotional deals at paintnite.com. Thank you Paint Nite for hosting a wonderful experience for my sister’s birthday!







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