Montego Bay, Jamaica

When the idea for a couples trip was presented to me by a friend I thought what better way to celebrate my new engagement and my birthday than a couples trip? This would be my first joint couples trip baecation, four months to be exact after I got engaged and we would be leaving the same day as my birthday. It’s lit! I’m with it. So four of us couples packed our bags, I packed my Tesalate beach towel for two and headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Yah mon!


For a group of eight people who want to be able to eat and drink as much as we’d like, relax on the beach, be safe and not have to worry about anything, we decided an all inclusive resort would be our best bet. We chose Secrets St. James Montego Bay. It was a beautiful resort, great views and we also had access to the Secrets Wild Orchid and we could take a short walk over the skybridge to Breathless Montego Bay Resort and Spa. Each hotel had it’s own vibe. Our hotel was more of a relaxing vibe with a more mature crowd whilst Breathless was where the party was at. The great thing about Secrets St. James was not only our luxury room with an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi but it was also located right on the beach. Beach access is always a plus for me when vacationing.

Photo via Secrets St. James website
Photo via Secrets St. James website


Horseback Riding

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to go horseback riding on the beach. As a kid I went horseback riding at sleep away camp and it became one of my favorite things to do. As an adult I’ve gone horseback riding a few times but never on the beach. So while in Montego Bay, we booked horseback riding for all the ladies and ATV riding for all the guys through Chukka Caribbean tours. First we did about a 45 minute trail on horseback which was really fun to me, then we did a short walk through the water. The tides were pretty high that day so the water was rough. I was hoping for a smooth experience but it was still adventurous nonetheless.

Bamboo Rafting

The one thing on the very top of my bucket list while in Jamaica was to go river rafting. I had seen the beautiful photos on Instagram of people bamboo rafting but the photos were nothing compared to the actual experience. We enjoyed about an hour ride through the Great River located in the small village of Lethe. Our raft captain was so informative and friendly. He told he built the raft himself and gave us information about the water, the use of limestone, and even gave us a coconut, sugarcane and lime. He even gave me a limestone foot scrub and to this day my feet are still smooth. The water was calm, the scenery and nature were so breathtaking and the overall experience was perfect. This was my favorite part of my trip to Jamaica. I would go back and do this again.

Where to Eat


Staying on an all inclusive resort is great but the only downfall is that you don’t get to experience local cuisine as much because you’ve already paid to for all your food so why spend more money eating somewhere else? But, for us, we wanted to have at least one local experience. Our friendly and very helpful driver Dave took us to Scotchies. He said they had some of the best jerk chicken on the island. The way Scotchies prepares their jerk chicken is a little different than our usual jerk chicken. They smoke it on a grill whereas most jerk chicken gets grilled with fire. Scotchies jerk chicken is delicious and the restaurant has a really nice outdoor rural feel. We decided to take ours back to the hotel and enjoy it on our outdoor patio.

Where to Party

We went out every night while in Jamaica. I hadn’t been out in such a long time since being pregnant and having my son so I used this opportunity to drink as much as I wanted and party as much as I wanted. We went to Margaritaville on Thursday night, Pier 1 on Friday night and Taboo Strip Club. Each night grew more and more fun and entertaining.

The best part of any couples trip is enjoying your partner and enjoying the company of others. Montego Bay was a great place for us to this. We mixed adventure with relaxation and romance. We had such a good time that we’re already brainstorming our next couples trip! Have you been to Montego, Bay? If so, tell me about your experience.