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Bloggers, Designers, Students and whoever’s creative mind is expressed on a computer, this post is for you. This invitation is also extended to the juicers and clean eaters of the world. While exploring the streets of Soho, my friend insisted that I visit her favorite new juice bar. A juice bar I thought? I’m not a juicer, nor am I a health conscience foodie so why would I want to chill at a juice bar? Keep in mind we had just left my favorite cupcake bakery, Georgetown cupcake and I thought it was a little too late for healthy eating. But oh was I mistaken. We entered the doors of Joe & The Juice and I was instantly excited. This juice bar was unlike any other I’ve ever seen, it was more like a photographic library, a lounge and a bar.


Joe & The Juice actually makes healthy living and staying aware of your bodies necessities cool. They offer juices, shakes, sandwiches and coffee. Every blogger knows that nothing helps productivity more than a latte and a comfy place to express your ideas. So of course I instantly added this spot to my mental list of “Places to Blog.” I also have to commend this juice bar on their lounge like atmosphere. They have a long row of lounge like seating as well as high top tables and round tables perfect for group meetings or solo studying.

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But listen, I have saved the best part of this juice bar for last. They have a photo booth in the back of the juice bar. This was the highlight for me, a photo booth is a great way to add to your experience. I did not try any of the juices this time, but when I return I absolutely will and let you know about it. My friend however raves that their juices and sandwiches are delicious. Joe & The Juice is an all in one, and who knows, maybe I’ll actually become a juicer one day.

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Location: Joe & The Juice 67 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

Type of Food: Juice, Coffee, Sandwiches and Shakes

Ambiance: Cozy and  Chill

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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