French Cuisine At Hotel Chantelle

Contrary to popular believe, Hotel Chantelle is not at all a hotel and you won’t be fluffing your pillows and sleeping for the night. Instead, you’ll be eating, drinking or partying. In the lobby you’ll find a Parisian style cocktail lounge that celebrates the 1940s. On Tuesday nights you’ll find that this bar livens up with live jazz and on Friday’s there is a risque burlesque show. When you walk up the stairs from this swanky lobby, you’ll find a Parisian garden equipped with a retractable rooftop and beautiful greenery, this is where I dined.

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I waited for a table and I kept seeing this chicken with this white cloud hovering on top of it. In my mind I’m asking myself, what is that? It looks so odd. But of course my curiosity said “Pam whatever it is, order it.” While skimming through the menu, my eyes were drawn to the Waffle Crusted Fried Chicken option. Apparently the white cloud that I was curious about, was cotton candy. Cotton candy on fried chicken? Yup, I’ll take one of those.unnamed (6)

Here’s where my dining experience gets even better. I had been holding on to my Living Social Deal which includes $70 worth of food for just $39 at Hotel Chantelle for dear life. Now, it was time to cash in. I ordered the Crispy Fish Tacos, Bacon Crusted Kobe Sliders, and the Roasted Mini Corn. They were all good compliments to my meal but next time I’ll probably trade out the corn for the Rock Shrimp Tempura instead.

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What I loved the most about Hotel Chantelle is their decor. On a early afternoon after work or even for brunch, they are the perfect restaurant to chill out, enjoy French food and listen to live music. On August 29, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm they are hosting Moet’s La Mini Fete party and there will be carnival activities. I plan to stop by, will you?


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Location: Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002  

Type of Food: French

Ambiance: Upscale- Lounge/ Rooftop-Chill

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Living Social Deal: Hotel Chantelle $39 for food and drinks

Groupon Deal: Hotel Chantelle $29 for drinks/$69 for dinner experience

Pulsd Deal: $69 for a three course dinner

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