Build Your Dream Donut At Holey Cream

Holey Cream has taken the plain donut way past anything you could have imagined. They give their customers the choice to pick a freshly baked donut, add your desired icing and then add toppings. The topping choices include gummy bears, fruit loops, M&M’s, Oreos and more. But you haven’t completed your Holey Cream donut experience yet. Your next steps are to slice your donut in half, add your chosen ice cream and then indulge. Sounds like everything you need to build your dream donut, doesn’t it?

Holey Cream 2

For my dream donut, I chose the plain donut covered in vanilla icing with Oreo cookie crumbs on top. My donut was filled with cookie dough and cheesecake ice cream. The donut is so soft and tastes so fresh. Surprisingly that was my favorite part of the entire concoction. I could’ve added more toppings but in my eyes the simpler the better. I encourage you to have fun with it and add as many toppings and ice creams as you’d enjoy.

Holey Cream 5

Another great thing about Holey Cream is that they also have cupcakes, brownies, smoothies and frozen yogurt. What’s even more exciting is that they deliver! If you need something fun to celebrate someones birthday in the office, order Holey Cream. If you and your boo want to stay inside and have a date at home, order your favorite donut combination. Even if your friends just want to pig out and watch movies and eat nonstop, build your dream donut and order it!

Holey Cream 3

Location: Holey Cream 796 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Type of Food: Donut, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Ambiance: Small shop

Stars (Out of 5):****

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