A Well Tailored Experience At The Gregory Hotel

The Gregory Hotel reminds me of a well tailored suit. I know that may sound a bit odd but it does.You know when you’re wearing a perfectly tailored dress or pants suit and you don’t even want to sit down because you’re afraid it will get wrinkled? That’s the type of aura The Gregory has. It’s a newly opened boutique hotel located in the fashion district. Upon entering The Gregory I was impressed by it’s cool, sophisticated and tailored aesthetic.


TheGregoryBar 2

The Gregory 2

Gregory - lobby lounge space

My double bed room was just as sophisticated. I instantly felt welcomed with the chocolates, wine and note that was left for me. The staff at The Gregory really knew how to welcome a girl in. My room was so comfy and I especially loved the special touches like the candle and artwork. Remember when I said I felt like I was wearing a tailored suit? The irony is that is exactly what the artwork on the walls reflected.

The Gregory Hotel Room Window

The Gregory Night Stand

The Gregory Artwork Wall


My favorite part of my experience at The Gregory was laying around in the bathrobe they provide. As a blogger, laying in bed in a robe while typing away on my laptop makes me feel at home wherever I am.

The Gregory Bathrobe

The Gregory Bathroom

The Gregory is located in the heart of the city. It is walking blocks from legendary attractions like Madison Square Garden, Herald Square Macy’s, The Empire State Building and Times Square. It’s a great area for anyone visiting New York City for the first time or if you just need an escape to the city. Thank you to The Gregory’s staff for providing me such a wonderful tailored experience.


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