Fort Lauderdale

You ever feel like you just need a quick escape? That’s how I felt this past Memorial Weekend. I was having this really intense “I need a break from New York feeling” and I just couldn’t see myself spending a four day weekend in the rain, or hanging at my normal hot spots. So for the first time in my life, I booked a flight and left the city on the same day. I have to say, that this was probably one of the most exhilarating trips I have taken in a long time. My only criteria for this quick trip was that my destination must be warm, not overcrowded and I must be able to spend a day on the beach. So, I booked my last minute trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I have to say, it was absolutely perfect.


So of course the first thing to do when you want a last minute trip is to book the most reasonably priced direct flight you can find. After I secured that, everything else came easy. I used the Hotel Tonight app and booked the Sonesta. First let me say that the Hotel Tonight app is your best friend when it comes to booking last minute hotels. If you haven’t used it yet, you will receive $25 off your booking with my code: PGIBBS11 Anyway, the Sonesta was very clean and friendly. The view of the beach which is located right across the street from the hotel was absolutely stunning. When I checked in, I received a ticket for two drinks, beach towels and two beach chairs that can be utilized from 9am to 5pm. There is a service fee but it’s well worth it. I suggest that if you visit this hotel, you hang out in a cabana at the outdoor pool and for breakfast visit the Bistro and order the Brioche French Toast, it’s light and delicious.

Things To Do

When I arrived to Fort Lauderdale, I had absolutely nothing planned. I had no idea where the hot spots were, I had no clue what restaurants to try, I was literally a fish out of water but the funny thing is, that’s what made it so fun. The first night we went to a mixed, trendy bar called Vibe. It actually had a really cool, outdoor, friendly yet fun vibe. (No pun intended) Then we somehow found ourselves walking around Himmarshee where there are several clubs and restaurants. It wasn’t my favorite area, so I’d say go to see it but don’t stay. Where you want to go and hang out is Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard. It’s like a mini South Beach type strip where one side is lined with restaurants and across the street is the beach. My go to spot on that strip is Rock Bar. I went there twice in one day. So you know if I do that, I enjoyed it. They have a drink special where you order two huge drinks and flavor for $31. There’s a lot of outdoor seating and the indoor area turns into a party at night. It’s definitely a 2-for-1 hot spot. The last place I would highly suggest is the Blue MartiniThey had a live band when I went and it was very grown and sexy.

On my second day in Fort Lauderdale, I wanted to do something fun! So I rented a 200cc scooter from Fun Center Florida on Sunset Boulevard. For $65 you can rent a scooter for 4 hours. The staff was extremely helpful and the process was so easy. When I returned the scooter, they didn’t have anyone available at the moment to take me back to my hotel so they gave me a bike and let me ride it back to the rental station closer to my hotel. I thought it was so generous of them, and it added to the fun of my experience.

What To Wear

Well of course bathing suits and sun dresses are a must! I absolutely loved my summer pieces from Tobi and my bag and swimsuit were especially for me from Olive It Boutique

My “Promises Rust Tie Die Crop Top” and “Promises Rust Tie Die Shorts” was my favorite daytime wear combo. It’s so light and whimsical and made me feel like I was on a tropical island.

The “Jump On It” Jumper was perfect for that daytime to night time transition. It stayed hot all day long so it was the perfect transition outfit.

Who doesn’t love a romper? My Analee Taupe Romper” shot so well next to this Greetings from Fort Lauderdale wall.

Oh but nothing screamed sexier than my ole “Faithful Black Monokini” This bathing suit speaks for itself.

But one thing is for sure, I couldn’t go anywhere on my trip without my monogrammed bag from Olive It Boutique. Contact Olive It Boutique to monogram your special items. She even monogrammed my bathing suit.

How to get around?

Lyft is your best friend. I took Lyft everywhere I needed to go. The drivers were really friendly and every single one of my rides cost between $2 and $7. You cannot beat that. If you haven’t used Lyft, download the app and use my code PAMELA77433 for a free first ride.

Have you been to Fort Lauderdale? Where did you stay? What did you do?