Opulence and High End Flair at Hunt & Fish Club

It’s Restaurant Week, also know as  my favorite time of year to check off my list of “Restaurants I Have to Try.” Hunt & Fish Club was of course on the top of my list. This restaurant made it’s debut in 2014 and since then I’ve heard nothing but good things. You can find your favorite A-List celebrities dining in the “White Room” under the stunning chrome light installation in the main dining room while carving their succulent steak with a personalized steak knife. Or you can also find guests sipping a signature cocktail at the bar in the “Black Room.” Hunt & Fish Club’s ritzy atmosphere transports each guest back to the 1960’s with original artwork, marble floors and mirrored walls. This dining experience was perfect for my boo’s birthday dinner and fantastic for escaping the crazy streets of Times Square and disappearing into a world of high end flair.

The moment I entered the dining room at Hunt & Fish Club, my eyes were immediately drawn to the huge painting on the back wall and the stunning lights above our heads. I sat in the middle of the dining room and got to take in the entire experience. Hunt & Fish specializes in traditional steak and chop dishes, fresh seafood entrees and signature cocktails. I was impressed to find out they also create their specialty desserts in house and the desserts change weekly. After mulling over the restaurant week menu, I decided to order Broiled Oysters, Artic Char and Chocolate Raspberry Mousse  for dessert. The oysters were tasty, the Artic Char was slightly salty but I have a very salty pallet so I loved it and the mousse cake was delicious. I had a glass of Moscato to accompany my meal and it went perfectly. (I was also able to taste the Hanger Steak and White Chocolate Cake. They were both wonderful.) A table nearby to mine finished their meal with the “Everyday Sundae.” This creative sundae allows you to choose your toppings such as a cookie, lollipop, fresh made whipped cream, fresh fruit, sprinkles, chocolate and caramel syrup and almost anything else you think goes on a sundae. Watching the waiter create this specialty treat and seeing the excitement on my fellow diners faces let me know that this restaurant truly had something special to offer.

After my meal, I was lucky enough to get a tour of the restaurant. Hunt & Fish Club offers private dining in their stunning “Green Room.” This room offers a long table fit for 25 guests that is perfect for an intimate dining affair.  Downstairs, a glass encased infinity wine cellar leads to the romantic “Blue Room.”  This breathtaking event space is wrapped in gorgeous drapery under a grand, mirrored ceiling. Not only is the wine cellar a unique aspect of this restaurant, the wall of personalized knives gives the restaurant it’s own unique touch. Even 50 cent, Derek Jeter and Fat Joe have  personalized knives there! I hope to dine here often and be important enough to have my own personalized knife one day. (Adds this to list of food blogger goals.)

Make your reservation today for Hunt & Fish Club! Restaurant Week concludes August 18th. Click here: Hunt and Fish Club Restaurant Week Details

Location: Hunt & Fish Club 125 West 44th St, New York, NY 10036

Type of Food: Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Ambiance: High End, Classic, Ritzy

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Private Events Contact: Kristin Sugrue at

Lolo’s Seafood Shack

The sun has finally decided to come out in New York City and it’s time to call up the friends that you haven’t seen in months because of hibernation season and invite them to meet up for dinner and happy hour. Since you only have a few months of true sunshine, you better make it count. One of the best restaurants in New York City to enjoy sunshine, escape from the busy streets of the city and relax with friends as if you’ve traveled to your favorite island is Lolo’s Seafood Shack. Lolo’s uniquely creates and serves a variety of seafood and Caribbean food of the Cape. Their menu includes everything from deliciously fried conch fritters to jerk ribs. But, before you put your food order in, order the Lolo’s Punch and mention Simplypamarie for a large Lolo’s Punch for only $5 (available in April only.) Now you’re ready to eat!

When you enter Lolo’s Seafood Shack you’re greeted by a warm staff who is always happy to see you. You then place your order and find a seat. The reason I point this out is because behind the front doors of Lolo’s is an unexpected island adventure. You can choose to sit inside at their cozy bench tables and semi-private room or you can venture outside to my favorite area, The Lolo’s Cabana and Beach Bar. Yes, there is a beach bar in Harlem, who would’ve known. The outdoor area of Lolo’s Seafood Shack stays open year round. During the winter, there is a heated shack that provides an island vibe and during the summer you’ll be kissed by direct sunlight.   

So now you’re sipping Lolo’s Punch, you’ve decided to sit close to the Beach Bar to keep the drinks coming, you’re catching up with your friends on everything you’ve missed in the past months, the music is good but most importantly, what did you order? The great thing about Lolo’s is that you can order to share, so order everything so that you can taste it all. I highly recommend the Belizean Conch Fritters, Corn on the Cob and Cotija Cheese and the Johnny Cakes and Honey Butter to have on the table for everyone to dig in. As an individual meal, I of course ordered the Snow Crab Legs with Garlic Butter and Old Bay and finished every morsel. I have also tried the Crab Cakes and Garlic Fries, Peel and Eat Shrimp and the Crispy Shark and Bake which are all absolutely amazing. By the way, Lolo’s provides bibs and gloves so that you can enjoy your food without concern that the butter from your crab legs is dripping down your arm. So order another round of Lolo’s Punch and eat up because Lolo’s Seafood Shack has you covered.

Location: Lolo’s Seafood Shack 303 W. 116th St. New York, NY 10026

Type of Food: Caribbean Seafood

Ambiance: Island Colorful Fun Vibes

Drink Special: $5 Large Lolo’s Punch when you mention Simplypamarie

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Serenity and French Flair at Cheri Harlem

Harlem has opened a sushi bar and it is absolutely amazing. Think fresh sushi, great music, chill vibes and happy hour specials. That is what you’ll find at Little Bamboo Harlem on 119th street and Lenox Ave. I took a trip Uptown on a early Friday evening and was honestly shocked to see a sushi spot in Harlem. I mean Harlem is normally known for their soul food, and black culture right? But truthfully, it is wonderful that Harlem is growing and diversifying the culture and the food. Little Bamboo has introduced the Japanese culture to Harlem and I think it’s great.


When entering Little Bamboo you’re welcomed with three different experiences. One experience is a sushi bar, where sushi is prepared right in front of you, a classic experience at a Japanese restaurant. Then there is a more intimate experience, this area is great if you want to just hang out, chat and eat with your friends without the busy interruption of the bar. Lastly, there is a bar area with more of a wine bar feel. It’s perfect during happy hour when you want the drinks to keep flowing and the music in the background to keep the good vibes flowing. I especially loved the music. On this particular Friday night they played cool R&B music. You know the hits you like to sing along to? Yes those.




So with great vibes, good music and an array of dining options, the only thing left is to order some food. I thought I’d sample different sushi combos and choose my favorite. I tried the Delta Soul Roll, Angry Dragon Roll, Spicy Salmon and the Bali Roll. I have to say my absolute favorite was the Angry Dragon Roll.



Location: Little Bamboo Harlem 175 Lenox Avenue, NY, NY 10026

Type of Food: Sushi, Japanese

Ambiance: Lively Wine Bar

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Corner Social

At the intersection of 126th street and Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem is a bustling restaurant and full bar serving fine American cuisine called Corner Social. On a Friday after work it is busy with happy hour drinkers, laughing friends and tasty meals. Even on a late evening, you’ll find good music and nice vibes. This is one of Harlem dwellers favorite hang out spots and even a Queens girl like me thinks it’s worth taking the long train ride uptown to experience.

Corner Social 2

Corner Social 3

Corner Social offers both an indoor experience for intimate conversation while listening to music and a cool outdoor experience to people watch and take in the Harlem life scenery. I chose to sit outside because the weather was amazing and I find the people on the streets of Harlem to be very entertaining.

Corner Social 6

Corner Social 7

Corner Social 8

Corner Social 9

I started my meal with the Crab Cake topped with guacamole. Crab and guac together? You know it can’t get any better than that. I also tasted the Fried Calamari. The appetizers were everything I needed to open up my palette. As an entree, I had the Skirt Steak. First let me start by saying the presentation was everything, it was absolutely picture perfect! (Snaps five pictures, then takes pictures for Instagram and Snapchat) After digging in, I couldn’t get enough of the well seasoned spinach. There’s something about good veggies that makes my meal complete.

Corner Social 11

This year Corner Social participated in Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week. If you missed it, don’t worry, your opportunity will come back again. Until then, experience their happy hour specials during the week from 4pm to 8pm with live DJ’s, their Friday night parties every Friday, and their weekend brunch! Oh an by the way, whenever you go, tell them “Simplypamarie” sent you and order my favorite drink the “Uptown Baby” because well, you’re uptown baby!

Corner Social 1

Location: Corner Social 321 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10027

Type of Food: Fine American Cuisine

Ambiance: Trendy Fun Bar

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Baba Cool Cafe

Baba Cool Cafe is a quaint wifi equipped cafe perfect for a bite to eat and to get some work done. They’re known for their three rocking chairs out front that on a nice day is the best part of the experience.  I also found a hidden outlet outside to charge my laptop. Inside you’ll find an intimate experience with friendly attentive staff. They also have little goodies that you can purchase like a Baba Cool bag that has a picture of their three rocking chairs. How cute is that?

Baba Cool Cafe 2

Baba Cool

Baba Cool Cafe 7

What is so impressive about this adorable cafe is that they make everything fresh to order. That means there is a little bit of a wait but it’s well worth it. Baba Cool provides gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free products. They also make their own hot sauce and it’s bottled up at every table for you to dab on your sandwich or specialty bowl to give it a little kick. I ordered a fresh lemonade, the avocado toast and the arugula salad because I was on a hot summer day I wanted a meal that was light and refreshing. Well I was completely satisfied. Their fresh lemonade was so, well refreshing! This was my first time trying avocado toast which is surprising because of my guacamole obsession you’d think I would have tried all things avocado but I haven’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of avocado and slightly spicy seasoning they added on top. My salad included corn, tomatoes and yes more avocado. I guess I was on a true health kick, and didn’t even realize it.

Baba Cool Menu

Baba Cool Cafe Hot Sauce

Baba Cool Lemonade

Baba Cool Salad 2

Baba Cool Avocado 2

Baba Cool Cafe is a great neighborhood go to cafe. When you’re running to work to catch the train and need coffee, or if you want to get out of your apartment and get some fresh air while still getting work done or if like me you want a nice refreshing meal in a peaceful environment, Baba Cool is the place to go. I’m planning to return for breakfast and try their popular breakfast bowl and coffee. If you’re in the Fort Greene neighborhood visit Baba Cool and tell them Simplypamarie told you about it!

Baba Cool Cafe

Location: Baba Cool Cafe 64B Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Type of Food: Coffee, Light American Food, Vegan

Ambiance: Cool Minimalist Cafe

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Happy Hour Oyster Specials At Essex

It’s happy hour and besides half off drinks, oyster’s are a guilty pleasure to indulge in especially when they’re only $1 each. Essex restaurant located in the popular streets of the Lower East Side offers a daily oyster special and is also a regular participant of NYC Restaurant Week. So after hearing about this oyster special and their participation in my favorite event of the year, I had to visit them on Essex Street of course.

FullSizeRender (2) copy 4

FullSizeRender (2)

Essex has a cool and “airy” vibe. This two leveled establishment includes a full bar on the first floor and a smaller bar on the second floor and there are more than enough drink options to go around. My favorite is the Mango Margarita prepared by Eri. Paired with my margarita, my friendly waiter Mo attentively took my order of the Dozen Bluepoint Oysters appetizer, the Chilean Sea Bass entree and the Chocolate Mousse Cake. The oysters were delectable and my sea bass tasted so fresh and light.

FullSizeRender (2) copy 2

FullSizeRender (2) copy


Essex is a hot spot for not only oysters but also for a bottomless brunch on the weekends. Have you experienced the Essex bottomless brunch? If so, leave a comment and tell me the best entree and drinks to order. I encourage you to visit Essex and ask for Mo the waiter and make sure you tell them that Simplypamarie sent you!


Location: Essex Restaurant 120 Essex Street, NYC 10002

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Cool Airy Bar

Stars (Out of 5): *****

NYC Restaurant Week: Menu

Island Vibes and Caribbean Food at Pearl’s

When you walk into Pearl’s Caribbean restaurant you’re welcomed with a world of color and a relaxing island vibe. By now you know I’m an avid wanderer and if I see a restaurant that stands out to me, I’ll randomly walk in and check out the food and the vibe. Pearl’s greeted me with an island oasis and amazing food.


Pearl's 5

Pearl’s is known for their bake and shark, a dish I surprisingly never tried before. So of course that’s what I ordered. I paired my dish with macaroni pie and also dipped into a chicken roti. Pearl’s blew me away with how amazing their dishes were. The chicken roti was so flavorful, the macaroni was cheesy and the shark was delectable.

Pearl's 2

Pearl's 3

I saved the best thing about Pearl’s restaurant for last. Of course the food is important but I also love ambiance. Pearl’s backyard terrace is what truly impressed me. On these warm summer days, I appreciate a terrace and a happy hour. Pearl’s $8 happy hour and island inspired terrace was perfection. If you’re looking for a quick island getaway hidden in hippie Williamsburg, visit Pearl’s!

FullSizeRender (2)

Pearl's 6

Location: Pearl’s 178 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Type of Food: Caribbean

Ambiance: Island Vibes

Stars (Out of 5): *****

Lounging At Pillow Cafe

This season I’m on a quest to find the coziest restaurants, coffee shops and cafe’s for dining during the Fall. What says a cozy lounge more than booths and pillows? While on a brunch quest in Brooklyn, not looking to go anywhere extravagant and overpriced, I came across Pillow Café-Lounge. I peeped the pillows in the window, read their Pillow brunch specials and was instantly sold. To my surprise not only was their indoor dining area cozy, so was their herb garden dining area. So I opted for the backyard because it was sunny and warm that day.



The brunch sign at the entrance said “shrimp and grits” and that’s really what lured me in so I asked my waitress about it and she said it was amazing. That worked for me. So of course I ordered that and also was able to taste the bacon and cheddar waffle as well. Both dishes were exactly what I wanted. The jumbo shrimp were juicy and the slightly spicy sauce on the creamy grits were fantastic. This specialty is on their “Fall Specials” menu so I suggest you try them before it’s no longer available.




Pillow was a great start to my Fall food excursions. I’m looking for more cozy brunch and dinner places for the Fall season. If you have any suggestions, comment below, let me know where I should go!Pillows1

Location: Pillow Café-Lounge 505 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Cozy, Chill and Relaxed

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Fun French Cuisine At Hotel Chantelle

Contrary to popular believe, Hotel Chantelle is not at all a hotel and you won’t be fluffing your pillows and sleeping for the night. Instead, you’ll be eating, drinking or partying. In the lobby you’ll find a Parisian style cocktail lounge that celebrates the 1940s. On Tuesday nights you’ll find that this bar livens up with live jazz and on Friday’s there is a risque burlesque show. When you walk up the stairs from this swanky lobby, you’ll find a Parisian garden equipped with a retractable rooftop and beautiful greenery, this is where I dined.unnamed (1)

I waited for a table and I kept seeing this chicken with this white cloud hovering on top of it. In my mind I’m asking myself, what is that? It looks so odd. But of course my curiosity said “Pam whatever it is, order it.” While skimming through the menu, my eyes were drawn to the Waffle Crusted Fried Chicken option. Apparently the white cloud that I was curious about, was cotton candy. Cotton candy on fried chicken? Yup, I’ll take one of those.unnamed (6)

Here’s where my dining experience gets even better. I had been holding on to my Living Social Deal which includes $70 worth of food for just $39 at Hotel Chantelle for dear life. Now, it was time to cash in. I ordered the Crispy Fish Tacos, Bacon Crusted Kobe Sliders, and the Roasted Mini Corn. They were all good compliments to my meal but next time I’ll probably trade out the corn for the Rock Shrimp Tempura instead.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (8)

What I loved the most about Hotel Chantelle is their decor. On a early afternoon after work or even for brunch, they are the perfect restaurant to chill out, enjoy French food and listen to live music. On August 29, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm they are hosting Moet’s La Mini Fete party and there will be carnival activities. I plan to stop by, will you?

Location: Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002  

Type of Food: French

Ambiance: Upscale- Lounge/ Rooftop-Chill

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Living Social Deal: Hotel Chantelle $39

10 Soul Food/Caribbean Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for some good soul food that reminds you of your roots in the south or  good Caribbean food that reminds you of your island background, this list is for you! I’ve come across of few hidden gems in my food blogging life that I know you would love. But shh… let’s keep these between just us.

1. Dunns River Lounge (93 N Park Ave, Rockville Centre, NY 11570)

Dunns River offers a special Caribbean brunch menu of porridge and two main courses per person. They also have live music entertainment for dinner. This is the perfect hidden gem for you and your boo.

unnamed (8)

2. Miss Lily’s  (132 West Houston Street at Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012 and 109 Avenue A at 7th Street, New York, NY 10009)

Miss Lily’s serves some of the best Caribbean food at both locations. What I love most is their ambiance that gives you an island, fun and fresh feel. They are included in restaurant week, try the whole Fried Fish it’s amazing.

unnamed (9)

3. Pretty Toni’s Cafe (759 W Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY 11580)

You probably wouldn’t even see this Southern style restaurant if you weren’t looking for it. But just know that you will enjoy what they serve inside. It’s great for brunch and small groups.

unnamed (10)

4. LL Dent (221 Old Country Road, Carle Place Garden City NY 11530)

LL Dent brings the homey and friendly ways of the south to NYC. Unlike a regular brunch buffet where you go pick out your food yourself, you are served and some parts of your meal are freshly cooked.

unnamed (4)

5. Cheryl’s Global Soul Food (236 Underhill Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238)

Cheryl’s combines the best of soul food and Caribbean food. They’re brunch and dinner are both amazing! I’m also obsessed with their back patio outdoor eating area. All I can say is, you must try it!

unnamed (2)

6. Sugarcane (238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217)

Sugarcane is popular for their Caribbean food and cool environment. This gem isn’t so hidden but if you didn’t know about it, now you do.


7. Peaches  (393 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11233)

Peaches is a great location of brunch and dinner. You have the option of eating both indoor and outdoor. This location is great for a slightly larger group than just two people.

unnamed (11)

8. The Smoke Joint  (87 S Elliott Place Brooklyn, NY 11217)

The Smoke Joint has a casual roadhouse setting. It’s definitely a jeans and t-shirt chill environment with great food. Not only are the ribs good but the collard greens were amazing.


9. Pink Teacup (120 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238)

Whether you’re looking for a cozy intimate dinner on a Friday night or a family brunch on a early Sunday afternoon, think Pink Tea Cup. They provide a warm intimate setting and a delicious southern style dining experience.

unnamed (7)

10. The Door (163-07 Baisley Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434)

The door is my after church Sunday go to Caribbean restaurant. Two words: brunch buffet. Trust me you will make it your after church spot too.

unnamed (1)


A Cozy Cafe Called Cheryl’s

Almost hidden in Prospect Heights, a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum is a cozy, quaint and cute restaurant called Cheryl’s Global Soul. I walked in on a Saturday and did not have a clue what to expect. I just heard that it was a really good soul food place. As soon as I walked in, Cheryl was instantly welcoming and told us to come in and have a seat. The host asked us if we’d like to sit in the front or the back. I had no idea what “the back” was because the place was so quaint but he led us to the cutest backyard seating area and I knew I was in the perfect place to dine.


Cheryl 1

Cheryl’s combines French, Asian, and Moroccan speciality dishes and gives it a southern flair. As a starter, I had their Cajun Chicken Wings. The wings were delicious. For the main course I had the Grilled Pork Chop au jus with Mango Chutney, French Beans and Roasted Potatoes. This meal was amazing. The pork chops were juicy and succulent and the mango chutney gave it a sweet kick. I also tried their Salmon, it was flavorful and seasoned to perfection. Cheryl3

Cheryl 6



Cheryl’s is also popular for brunch. Since dinner was so good, I think I may even return for brunch today!

Location: Cheryl’s Global Soul 236 Underhill Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

Type of Food: Soul Food

Ambiance: Cozy and Quaint

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine

Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine combines the funky flair of Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the fun of shooting hoops in a game of basketball and the fine dining of New York City. I’ve had this restaurant on my “To Do” list for a long time. I knew it was the perfect spot for date night or even happy hour. I decided to venture to Clyde Frazier’s restaurant for Happy Hour where they offered $6.00 margaritas, beer’s and well drinks. Drinks, Food, Hoops, sounds like the perfect combination to me.

FullSizeRender (2)

Upon entering the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn’t a normal sports bar which for some reason I assumed it was. It actually is a classy fine dining restaurant with photos of Clyde himself and to the back of the restaurant is a private room with a basketball hoop.




FullSizeRender (3)

The basketball hoop was my first stop. I shot some hoops which I must add, I’m pretty good at and really enjoyed myself. Ladies, your boyfriend will love the fact that you can be “girlie” and also shoot some hoops with him. Guys, this isn’t your chance to show off your “I want to be like Clyde” skills. It’s the perfect time to have fun with the lady who was with you shooting in the gym. 😉


After that, I went to the bar and ordered my margarita. It actually was delicious. I’m actually not a fan of tequila but I loved it. I didn’t order any food for myself but I did get a chance to taste the classic burger and fries. To my surprise, it had the number “10” imprinted in the bun. Clyde’s number when he played for the New York Knicks. I do plan on returning for dinner one day.


Clyde Frazier’s is the perfect restaurant for date night. It’s also a great place to watch basketball games, especially since it is March Madness. They are also hosting a March Madness Bracket Contest.

FullSizeRender (4)march-clydes-51-696x1024

Location: Clyde Frazier Wine & Dine 485 10th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Type of Food: Classic American

Ambiance: Fine Dining, Sports Bar

Stars (Out of 5):****

Celebrate #‎NationalDrinkWineDay‬ at Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Apparently today, February 18 is National Drink Wine Day. I had no idea this day even existed but once I became aware I knew there was one place in mind that would the perfect place to celebrate, Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar. Their two locations of Midtown and West Village are a new breed of the wine bar. They also offer a weekly tasting workshop where you will learn about various wines and taste three wines and three gourmet chocolates.


Photo via

Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar joins decadent chocolate delights with passionate wines. It’s the perfect dining location for a couple celebrating their relationship or even a first date experience. I dined at Ayza for Valentine’s Day. Ayza’s ambiance is simple and beautiful, each table was decorated with rose petals and a long red candle. It’s also very small and intimate, perfect if you’d like a more personal dining experience. They also have an outdoor seating area that is enclosed during the winter months but also is a great touch for a memorable dining experience.


For Valentine’s Day they offered a three course dinner special for $68 each. I dined at their Midtown location. For an appetizer I had the Tomato and Cheese soup. Normally I’m not a fan of tomato soup but on a freezing snowy day in Feb, it was a delicious and warming comfort to my body. As an entree I chose the Sea Bass which was flavorful and for dessert I had their chocolate molten cake. I also was able to taste the filet mignon which was flavorful and soft. Overall, the Tomato and Cheese soup was the best. I honestly wanted a bowl to go!




Now on to the best news! Groupon offers a  date-night package for two, valid any day for $69. I highly suggest you use this deal because it also includes one of their five signature chocolate martini’s for each person.


Photo via

Locations: Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar Midtown: 11 West 31st Street New York, NY 10001

West Village: 1 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

Type of Food: Wine and Chocolate

Ambiance: Intimate, Romantic

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Groupon Deal:

Wine Tasting Workshop: Ayza Workshop

Clinton St. Baking Company

Did you know that February is Pancake Month? Yup, it’s the month that we celebrate those delicious flapjacks that always make for the perfect breakfast. However you like your pancakes, whether it be topped with blueberry or strawberry compote or whipped up with sweet chocolate chips, Clinton St. Baking Company has the perfect stack of cakes for you!


I visited Clinton St. Baking Company on a cold Saturday morning in January. I arrived at about 10:30am with my sister who was taking me on a brunch date. I had seen previous pancake pictures that she had taken and I was extremely excited to indulge in a sweet syrupy experience. She warned me that the wait would be two hours. which is normal for a Saturday morning at this pancake house. (I suggest that if you go, you arrive as early as 8:30 am if you don’t want to wait because on weekends there is always a wait. If you go during the week, there isn’t much of a wait time and pancakes are served all day.) Once we sat down, my experience was absolutely exquisite.



My meal began with their House Blend Hot Chocolate  which instantly warmed my heart and soul. Now on to the main course of divine deliciousness. We ordered everything you could think of, Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter, Spanish Scramble, Maple Cured Ham, Neil’s Biscuit and a Southern Breakfast. I mean look, we were there for a true dining experience, don’t judge! Quite frankly, I’ve never had a breakfast experience quite like it. Everything tasted as amazingly perfect as it looked. While eating it began to snow, it added to a beautiful movie-like experience.


FullSizeRender (2)



Anyway, all month Clinton St. Baking Company will be offering different combinations of their pancakes. Visit for a full list of their pancake creations. I will be returning to celebrate pancake month with them, I may also even dine with them for lunch and dinner because they do offer a thorough dinner and dessert menu. Until we meet again, Happy Pancake Month to Clinton Street Baking Company!


Location: Clinton Street Baking Company 4 Clinton Street

(btw. East Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002

Type of Food: American Comfort Food


Ambiance: Cozy, Relaxed, Comfortable like a diner

Stars (Out of 5):*****

The Pink Tea Cup

Whether you’re looking for a cozy intimate dinner on a Friday night or a family brunch on a early Sunday afternoon, think Pink Tea Cup. It is your perfect dining destination. They provide a warm intimate setting and a delicious southern style dining experience. Lawrence Page is the proud owner of this restaurant and also adds to the welcoming feel of the Pink Tea Cup.

Pink Teacup 3

Pink Teacup 11

More so, food at the Pink Tea Cup is amazing. I visited Lafayette, Brooklyn on a Friday looking for somewhere to eat that was both tasty and comfortable. It was freezing outside and upon entering the restaurant I immediately felt I was in the perfect spot. I ordered the Big Country Catfish, Sauteed Rice and Collard Greens and I also tried their infamous Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles. (They also have a variety of waffle flavors including pecan waffles, sweet potato and chocolate chip.) Let’s just say that I was so happy with my meal that I returned two days later on Sunday and brought my mother and sister.

Pink Teacup 1

Pink Teacup 10

Pink Teacup 12

On Sunday we had two rounds of their strawberry mimosas. I highly recommend the mimosas, they are amazing. This time I had their Holy Trinity Shrimp and Grits. I honestly haven’t had better shrimp and grits anywhere else. Let me please remind you that I did attend school in North Carolina for four years and I have been to many restaurants in the south and in New York but I haven’t experienced better shrimp and grits. For that reason, I will be returning to try more of their dishes.

Pink Teacup 7Pink Teacup 8

Location: The Pink Tea Cup 120 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Type of Food: Southern Comfort


Ambiance: Cozy, Relaxed, Comfortable

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Sweet Chick

“Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way..” That is not only Notorious BIG’s coined phrase but it’s also the phrase and intent of Sweet Chick. Sweet Chick is located on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. They spread love through their restaurant by creating a homey environment while providing comfort food. I mean that is what Brooklyn is about right? Spreading love, the Brooklyn way.

Sweet Chick 3

Sweet Chick is famous for their chicken and waffles. The crispy chicken combination with sweet waffles is delicious. They also offer an array of butters and syrups. Normally I just cover my waffle with regular syrup and skip the butter altogether but not at Sweet Chick! I tried their blueberry butter which was amazing! It gave the waffle an extra sweet kick and combined with sweetness of the waffle, I definitely began to feel the love. I also enjoyed the BBQ Pork Sliders which were meaty and filling but not heavy.

Sweet Chick 1Sweet Chick 4

I also enjoyed the very comfortable feel of Sweet Chick. It’s a great location to visit for brunch on the weekend or lunch during the day. It’s very relaxed and perfect for a small group of friends. What I also found interesting is the chalkboard that they have on one walls. They change the menu and the message on the wall for each meal. It’s a cute twist and to me it gives the restaurant personality.

Sweet Chick 2

Location: Sweet Chick  164 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY, 11249

Type of Food: Southern twist on American Cuisine

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed, Comfortable

Stars (Out of 5):****

Co Co. Sala

Raise your hand if you’re a chocoholic like me! Now raise your other hand if you’re a chocoholic who would love to add a touch of chocolate to every meal. Well,that is what you experience at Co Co. Sala. Co Co. Sala combines the sweet accent of chocolate to their meals. They do this in a subtle, sexy and chic way at their restaurant located in Washington, D.C. I dined at this restaurant for my friends birthday dinner celebration during D.C. Restaurant Week. It was an exquisite experience to say the least.

Co Co Sala 10

Coco Sala 9

Co Co Sala 6

During restaurant week Co Co. Sala offered a Prix Fixe dinner menu for $35.14 per person. We had a choice of one salad, two Co Co. bites and one sweet finale. Each meal began with a frozen hot chocolate sip called Amuse Chocolat. The sip or chocolate shot was soft, smooth and delicious. It was the perfect beginning to the three course ride that was ahead of me. I chose the Chicken Caesar Salad, Shrimp Mac & Cheese, Organic Black Pearl Salmon and the Chocolate Onyx. All of it like I stated before was exquisite.

Co Co Sala 11

Co Co Sala 1Co Co Sala 2Coco Sala 3Coco Sala 4

Co Co Sala 5

Co Co. Sala also has a Chocolate Boutique that offers their signature chocolate bars and paraphernalia. The boutique is small and chic and has its own entrance beside the restaurant. My favorite part of this boutique was a message on the wall that reads “Each exquisite bite is a story, some dark, some sweet, a story that begins with passion and ends in pleasure. The pleasure of Co Co. Sala.” That message was passionate and demonstrates the pleasure you receive by dining at this restaurant.

Co Co Sala 7Co Co Sala 8

Location: Co Co. Sala 929 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

Type of Food: Chocolate and American Cuisine

Ambiance: Chic, Sexy, Intimate

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Holey Cream

Holey Cream has taken the plain donut way past anything you could have imagined. They give their customers the choice to pick a freshly baked donut, add your desired icing and then add toppings. The topping choices include gummy bears, fruit loops, M&M’s, Oreos and more. But you haven’t completed your Holey Cream donut experience yet. Your next steps are to slice your donut in half, add your chosen ice cream and then indulge. Sounds like everything you need to build your dream donut, doesn’t it?

Holey Cream 2

For my dream donut, I chose the plain donut covered in vanilla icing with Oreo cookie crumbs on top. My donut was filled with cookie dough and cheesecake ice cream. The donut is so soft and tastes so fresh. Surprisingly that was my favorite part of the entire concoction. I could’ve added more toppings but in my eyes the simpler the better. I encourage you to have fun with it and add as many toppings and ice creams as you’d enjoy.

Holey Cream 5

Another great thing about Holey Cream is that they also have cupcakes, brownies, smoothies and frozen yogurt. What’s even more exciting is that they deliver! If you need something fun to celebrate someones birthday in the office, order Holey Cream. If you and your boo want to stay inside and have a date at home, order your favorite donut combination. Even if your friends just want to pig out and watch movies and eat nonstop, build your dream donut and order it!

Holey Cream 3

Location: Holey Cream 796 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Type of Food: Donut, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Ambiance: Small shop

Stars (Out of 5):****

Founding Farmers

As a food blogger, I follow a lot of different food pages on Instagram. One of my most influential go to foodstagram’s while in Washington, DC is @dcdining. I’ve been following them for a while and every time I saw a meal that made me drool it seemed to always be from a restaurant called Founding Farmers. So of course my recent trip to DC absolutely had to include visiting this “instafood” haven.

Founding Farmers 3

Founding Farmers has a menu that includes everything that you can possibly crave from soft and sweet red velvet pancakes, chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, corn bread with kernels of corn and fresh burgers. I of course indulged in all of this and I have to say my favorite was the cornbread and the red velvet pancakes. What also makes American inspired food so amazing is that the restaurant is owned by family farmers. This means their food is fresh and healthy, the perfect two in one combination.

Founding Farmers 6Founding Farmers 7Founding Farmers 4Founding Farmers 5

Another great asset about Founding Farmers is they have a huge bar and also cozy private tables. Both options are intimate and comfortable for brunch with friends, lunch with family and dinner with your “boo.” Their upstairs dining area has a nice view of the DC streets and also provides a relaxed intimate dining experience. If you’re interested in an all in one packaged dining experience visit Founding Farmers.

Founding Farmers 1Founding Farmers 2

Please Note: Due to popularity there is normally a wait, especially for brunch on the weekends.

Location: Founding Farmers Various Locations

Type of Food: Fresh American food

Ambiance: Relaxed and Comfortable

Stars (Out of 5):****

Witches Brew

You know that saying the “creeps come out at night?” Well that’s exactly what I did one night. I had a late night creep at a  creepy cafe called Witches Brew. It was honestly one of the best late night creeps for a midnight snack experiences that I’ve ever had in my life! Witches Brew’s eery and creepy yet comfortable and cozy  atmosphere is a cool chill out spot. I suggest you go with a small group of friends or on a late night date with your boo. Either way it’s a fun and intimate experience.

Witches Brew 2

What makes Witches Brew so cozy and intimate is their dim lighting, couch and coffee table like setting. It makes you feel like your at home relaxing, sipping tea and winding down from the day. I haven’t experienced this coffee house during the day. I would assume the experience is best at night time. That is why they are open so late (12:30am on weekdays and 1:00am on weekends.)

Witches Brew 5

Witches Brew 6

Now on to the food. I went to Witches Brew for a late dessert. I was craving a frozen hot chocolate and found exactly what I was looking for. I paired my frozen hot chocolate with a warm apple pie. Honestly, the apple pie was amazing! I will be returning just for the apple pie. Witches Brew also serves regular food and also has a page long option of different teas. And speaking of the menu, it was a huge book-like menu that it is a bit hard to read because of the font style. But it fit the mood and style of the cafe.

Witches Brew 3Witches Brew 4Witches Brew 7

Witches Brew 1

Location: Witches Brew

 311 Hempstead Tpke West Hempstead, NY 11552

Type of Food: Desserts, Teas and Food

Ambiance: Creepy and Cozy

Pricing: CASH ONLY

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Bobby Flay Steak/Bobby’s Burger Palace

Located inside the walls of the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey is Bobby Flay Steak. This formal, classy and chic partial lounge and partial restaurant is the perfect dining experience for you and your “bae.” It’s also perfect for a nice dinner with your girls, or your guys or even your best friend.  I loved the sophistication of this restaurant and what is better than a nice juicy steak for dinner?

Steak is definitely this restaurants expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed a NY Strip Steak with Bobby Flay’s special sauce. It was juicy, it was filling, it had flavor, it was honestly excellent. I paired my steak with mashed potatoes and my favorite vegetable, asparagus. I was in a true foodies version of heaven.

Bobby Flay is also the chef behind Bobby’s Burger Palace . If you haven’t been dined here, I highly suggest the Crunchified style Bobby Blue burger and the Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita. That combination has and will put a smile on my face each and every time!

Location: Bobby Flay Steak 1 Borgata Way
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Type of Food: Steakhouse

Ambiance: Formal, Classy, Sophisticated

Stars (Out of 5):*****

Serendipity 3

Have you ever craved hot chocolate on a summer day? Probably not right? Okay but what if it was frozen? Sounds a little better doesn’t it? Serendipity 3 has taken our normal winter time treat to a different level and created a frozen hot chocolate that is absolutely refreshing and divine. For $8.95 you can indulge in the sweet joys of winter time during the summer with their frozen hot chocolate. The drink is huge, it is perfect for 2 and it is topped with delicious whipped cream and chocolate shavings. There are other frozen delicious choices on the menu as well such as Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate and Frozen Expresso.

Serendipity 3-C

What else is so special about Serendipity 3 you ask? Well they also serve a large menu of all kinds of foods and desserts. Let me actually just point out that the menu is huge, meaning look at your arm, the menu is about the size of your entire arm. It opens like a huge story book. But hey like they say “the bigger the better.” Anyway, I didn’t eat much at my first experience. I really just went for the frozen hot chocolate but I will return to try the desserts.

Serendipity 1

Also, Serendipity 3 is the cutest restaurant with all types of decorations and collectors items. It is like a coffee shop, mixed with an ice cream parlor, mixed with a restaurant. I can’t quite explain it but the best way to find out is to check it out for yourself!

Serendipity3-ASerendipity 3-BSerendipity 3-D

Note: Due to the popularity, there is always a wait time so I suggest you make a reservation (212) 838-3531. Also, there is a minimum charge of $8.50 per person.

Location: Serendipity 3 225 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022

Type of Food: American and Desserts

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed and Cute

Stars (Out of 5):****

El Patron

Margarita anyone? How about a margarita in your favorite tequila bottle? El Patron provides this refreshing luxury in many delicious flavors inside of a Patron bottle. That is what makes this restaurant an absolute must visit on your summer restaurant bucket list. But not only are the margaritas excellent, so is the guacamole! The guacamole is prepared right in front of you and you can adjust it to your liking. I don’t believe you could ask for a better combination.

El Patron 2

El Patron 6

EL Patron 1

More so, I enjoyed the Mango Chicken and Yellow Rice. It may sound a little strange but I promise,  it was impeccable. El Patron also has the ability to convert from a closed comfy restaurant to an opened restaurant where you can sip your margarita and catch a breeze while watching The World Cup. I can always appreciate a restaurant with dual functions.

El Patron 4

El Patron 3

El Patron 5 

Location: El Patron Mexican Grill 194-01 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358

Type of Food: Mexican

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed

Stars (Out of 5):****


What’s for lunch today? Pizza you say? Great choice! How about trying a famous pizza spot where you can create your favorite pizza? Sounds even better doesn’t it? This pizza haven is called Grimaldi’s. Grimaldi’s is famous for their coal brick oven, made on the spot with whatever toppings you’d like hand crafted pizzas.

Grimaldi's 4Grimaldi's 5

The first time I heard  of Grimaldi’s I happened to be in the Dumbo area and I came upon a long line of people waiting to get into a building. Anytime I see a line of people I think either they are giving away something free or whatever they have at the end of the line is absolutely worth it. Well when I finally reached the front of the line, I realized it was Grimaldi’s and I took a mental note to return one day. (My patience couldn’t handle the line that day.) When I finally was able to experience Grimaldi’s, I understood why the wait was worth it. I ordered a small pizza, perfect for two with Italian Sausage and Oven Roasted Sweet Red Peppers. Delizioso!

Grimaldi's 1Grimaldi's 2Grimaldi's 3

If you are ever in the Dumbo area incorporate Grimaldi’s in your plan. Also, if you plan to watch a Syfy Movie with a View, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge or hang out at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Grimaldi’s is the perfect lunch date to incorporate in your day.

   Location: Grimaldi’s (Various Locations)

Type of Food: Pizza

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed

Pricing: Small Pizza $12-$14, Large Pizza $14-$16 (Additional for Toppings)

Stars (Out of 5):****


New York City is always awake and always alive which means we always need somewhere to eat. I know at least one time,  after a night of partying or traveling at 4 am  you were desperately looking for somewhere to sit down and enjoy food. Luckily, Cafeteria in Chelsea is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your dining pleasures!


Cafeteria was made popular by the show Sex and the City. I assumed if it was on that classic show then it has to be good! I’ve dined at Cafeteria a few times and I’m always very pleased. I absolutely suggest you try their Cafeteria Macaroni and Cheese. You should definitely order all three forms and pick your favorite. My favorite is the Smoked Gouda with Bacon. Bacon and Mac and Cheese together? How perfect!  I also suggest the  Grilled Steak and Eggs for Brunch and the french fries are delicious.


What I also really love about this restaurant is their ability to transform from being warm and homey for the winter time and cool, chill and open for the summer time. It demonstrates how flexible and inviting they are as a restaurant. In New York City the weather changes drastically and I love a restaurant that can alter their space to accommodate the changes.


Location: Cafeteria 119 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Type of Food: American food with a Contemporary Twist

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed, Airy light feel

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5):****


Spring has finally sprung in New York City and what better way to celebrate the long awaited sunshine than a outdoor food market by the water. Smorgasburg brings the best street food in Brooklyn to two locations every weekend 11am-6pm from now until November. On Saturdays, Smorgasburg is located at East River park on the Williamsburg Waterfront. On Sundays, Smorgasburg is located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5. Both locations are great for mixing, mingling and picnicking.

Now the best part of Smorgasburg is the food! The vendors  offer a sweet and special representation of food from all over the world. There are specialty vendors with food from Bolivia, Columbia, Asia and even right here in NYC. If you enjoy tasting food from everywhere, this is where you need to be. The food market also has an outdoor bar area where you can wash the food down with something nice.


Personally there is one vendor that stood out to me, they are called The Bolivian LLAMA Party. They have a triple pork slider and brisket slider that is absolutely heavenly! You have the option of making it spicy so if you like a little kick make sure you ask for one. I paired my slider up with a homemade pink lemonade soda. They actually make the soda with some sort of helium looking machine that turns the juice into soda. Honestly, if I could go back right now to get another slider and soda I would. You absolutely must try this if you attend Smorgasburg.

Buttermilk Channel is another vendor that I enjoyed. They offer fried chicken and cheese waffles. Now I know this sounds really common and not so exciting but when I saw how long the line was I knew that I didn’t want to miss out on this experience. I kept seeing people pour honey on their chicken, which I was confused about but honestly it was delicious. I actually wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if it wasn’t for the honey. If you try this vendor, do not forget the honey!



Depending on how big your appetite is and how adventurous you want to be, I suggest you bring about $20-$40 with you to Smorgasburg. Each vendors dishes range from $5-$15, averaging about $10. Also, they are still taking vendors so if you have something delicious to offer, click here for registration: Smorgansburg Vendor Registration


What: Smorgasburg

Where: Saturday: Williamsburg at East River State Park and

Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

When: Every Weekend 11am-6pm

Piece of Velvet

Red Velvet cake and cupcakes are delicious but have you ever tried a Blue Velvet cake? Now that is something you must try. Both cakes are delectable and taste like a piece of heaven. I kept hearing about this cake and finally made a stop in to Piece of Velvet in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I walked into a small cake heaven with an array of bright colors and flavors. There are coconut frosting cakes, yellow cakes, red velvet,  blue velvet and more. For the sweet toothed individual like myself, this is a place you need to visit!

Piece of Velvet 6
Piece of Velvet 5

Piece of Velvet 4

Piece of Velvet is located in a great place, Fulton street. There are other great restaurants that you can visit like Habana Outpost and the Smoke Joint. After you dine at these places, you absolutely want to end your meal with a slice of cake from Piece of Velvet. I suggest on a nice day you sit outdoors at the sitting area right in front of the Smoke Joint and enjoy!  If you’re interested in experiencing Piece of Velvet you can use this deal Piece of Velvet Deal for $9.00 for six red velvet cupcakes and other cupcake deals.

Piece of Velvet 3Piece of Velvet 7
Piece of Velvet1

Note: Piece of Velvet also offers full cakes for special occasions and celebrations. They also offer delivery options.

Location: Piece of Velvet  708 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 17


W 125th St Harlem, NY 10027

Type of Food: Cakes and Cupcakes

Ambiance: Bake shop with outdoor seating

Pricing: $6.oo/Cake slice, $3.50/Cupcake & More

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Habana Outpost

Now listen, if you don’t know about Habana Outpost‘s famous Mexican-style corn you are missing out on an essential part of a complete summer in Brooklyn. Okay let’s back up a bit. First, let me announce that Habana Outpost is now open for our Spring/Summer enjoyment! What does that mean? That mean’s that it’s time for you to grab some friends and head to this outdoor hangout.


Habana Outpost is an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Let me explain how this works. You walk inside the restaurant and order your food. One line is for general orders and the other line is specifically for drinks and corn. On a nice sunny day, both lines will be long so just anticipate a wait. Then you find a seat outside and wait until your food is called that is being prepared on a truck. Be advised that it resembles cafeteria seating. Remember in high school when you circled the cafeteria looking for a seat? It’s something like that. Luckily, the seat circling and line wait is worth the experience.

Habana Outpost 5Habana Outpost1

Habana Outpost serves Cuban cuisine. Like I said, I specifically go for the Grilled Corn and for the chill atmosphere. I’ve also tried the Catfish Taco, the Chicken Plato and Steak Burrito. All were tasty but all needed an extra kick so I suggest you add one of the hot sauce options that they have.

More great news about this location is that during the summer, they show a free movie every Sunday. I will be updating this information as soon as it is provided so check back!

Location: Habana Outpost 757 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY

Type of Food: Mexican and Cuban cuisine

Ambiance: Chill outdoor hangout

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

The Rock Grill

The Rock Grill is exactly what the name states, a restaurant that uses an 800 degree rock as the cooking means for your delicious entree meats. What makes this Asian inspired restaurant so unique is that you cook your entree to your liking on your own personal Rock. What does that mean? It means that you choose two meats to cook yourself!
The Rock Grill

Now there is one catch to this special restaurant, it isn’t your normal brick and mortar restaurant. The Rock Grill is located on the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship. In my opinion, it was the best restaurant on the cruise ship. For an additional $30 you choose an appetizer, two entree meats, two sides and dessert from the menu. I chose the Chicken Dim Sum, White Chicken, Colossal Shrimp, Bok Choy with Peppers and the Mandarin Cheesecake. I have to point out that the Colossal Shrimp are two pieces of the biggest shrimp that I’ve ever seen and the Mandarin Cheesecake was so perfect that I ordered two.

The Bahamas Celebration is a two night cruise that is great for couples, families and friends. Fortunately, if you are interested in experiencing this restaurant you would also be experiencing a fun two day vacation. If you are interested in this vacation, you can contact the Bahamas Celebration at 1 (800) 314-7735 or click Bahamas Celebration.

Location: The Rock Grill – Bahamas Celebration Cruise line

Type of Food: Asian Inspired

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  $30

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Chocolat Restaurant Lounge

Chocolat Restaurant has secretly been on  my list of restaurants to go to. So when I read it was on the Harlem’s Restaurant  Week list, I thought “hey perfect time to try it.”  The good news is, it most certainly is on the list. The not so good news is, I went on a packed Saturday night and the Restaurant Week list wasn’t offered at the time. Bummer! Never the less, walking into the restaurant I really liked the set up. It was very intimate and quaint. They also had a private room where they were hosting a private celebration. So if you are looking to host a small gathering, they have a lounge for those purposes.  Also, they offer (free) Chocolat mint chocolates, so make sure you indulge on that sweet treat.


I had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Mac and Cheese and tried the Grilled the Scottish Salmon which were great. I also tried the Beef Short Rib which was delicious. It was soft , pulled apart easily and melted in your mouth. I’m a fan of melt in your mouth meats, (sorry if that came off a little crazy)  I would definitely suggest the Beef Short Rib. I understand that Chocolat is a very popular place for brunch on Sundays. I will be returning for brunch. Have you tried there brunch? If so, please share below in the comment box.


Just a  tip for this restaurant. Make a reservation and arrive on time. I missed my reservation and waited for an hour.

Location: Chocolat Restaurant Lounge 2217-13 Frederick Douglas Blvd at 120th Street, New York, NY 10026

Type of Food: American cuisine

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***

Georgetown Cupcake

Cupcakes are a big craze these days. So much so that people, myself included, would stand outside in the cold for 25 minutes and wait to enter Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, DC. I kept hearing about these cupcakes, and I was determined to taste them. Walking into the shop, I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory but for cupcakes. It excited the sweet tooth inside of my mouth.

Georgetown Cupcake 2

Georgetown Cupcake makes their cupcakes fresh in house every day and it definitely tastes like they do. I walked out with a six cupcake box of a variety of cupcakes including Chocolate & Vanilla, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, Chocolate Birthday and a Marshmallow cupcake. My friend and I got home and cut all the cupcakes up and shared with everyone like a cupcake taste testing feast. My favorite was the Red Velvet and Chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting. Delicious!

Georgetown Cupcake 4

Now here’s some great news for you. Georgetown Cupcake offers a Free cupcake each and every day at all of their various locations. Yes, FREE! All you have to do is order it by name and it’s free. Follow @Georgetowncupcake on twitter. That’s how you can find out about the flavor of the day. Enjoy!

Georgetown Cupcake 10

Sanfords Restaurant

Sanfords isn’t your usual diner, they have successfully upgraded the normal diner experience to an experience that is more appealing to everyone. Walking into Sanfords I thought it was a regular restaurant because to me most diners are outdated as far as ambiance and the food is extremely simple. This wasn’t the case at Sanfords. I really enjoyed their free flowing ambiance and intriguing menus. They have won many Best Diner awards including “Top 100 Brunch Spots in the World” by Open Table in 2013 which they display when you enter the diner and I can definitely see why.


I visited Sanfords twice for brunch. Both experiences were very good. Their brunch menu is not your normal breakfast. They have dishes such as Blueberry Cinammon French Toast, Waffle Medley of mixed fresh fruit, Western Brunch Quesadilla and a Steak Skillet. All of which I tried and all were delicious, especially the French Toast. But wait, the even better news is they offer their brunch menu ALL WEEK. What does that mean? It means that if you are craving brunch on Wednesday, you can go to Sanfords and get a complete brunch menu. No more waiting until the weekend for Steak and Eggs. Great right?


I have not dined at Sanfords for lunch and dinner as of yet. I will definitely be returning to experience their other meals. Has anyone ever been to Sanfords? I would love to hear your experience.

Location: Sanfords Restaurant  30-13 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106

Type of Food: American cuisine

Ambiance: Relaxed Diner

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****


The good thing about Sundays, is that it comes every week. So what does that mean for you? You always have another opportunity to try a new restaurant for brunch. Lucky for you, I have another place that I think you would love. DiWine is a restaurant and wine bar located in Queens that offers live music entertainment and a $15 Brunch Prix Fixe menu with a variety of dishes from pizza to Eggs Fritatta.


But before I discuss the food, I have to tell you my favorite part of DiWine. They have  a intimate and relaxed seating area that is closed off by drapes. It gives you a more intimate feel, good for a date or just somewhere to sit and have a private conversation. Even if you aren’t looking to have a private conversation, it gives you a secluded feel if you don’t want to sit amongst everyone else in the restaurant.


Now to the food. I ordered the Pecan Buttermilk Waffle, bacon and scrambled eggs. The waffle was delicious and the presentation was very pleasing to the eye. My friend had the Poached Eggs and Smoked Nova Salmon. The salmon is actually mixed with home fries or shredded potato. It’s a pretty interesting combination and tastes good. Overall, the service was good and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a new brunch experience. Please arrive as early as you can though because I arrived at the end of brunch and some dishes were not available.


Location: DiWine 41-15 31st Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

The Smoke Joint

If you are looking for delicious, finger licking, fall of the bone and into the pit of your stomach barbecued ribs then you need to go to The Smoke Joint. I randomly stumbled upon The Smoke Joint while walking around Brooklyn on a search for food. Through the window I saw a couple with a spread of everything you could think of from mac and cheese to collard greens. So I decided to try it. The Smoke Joint has a casual roadhouse setting. It’s definitely a jeans and t-shirt chill environment with great food. Not only were the ribs good but the collard greens were amazing. I suggest you definitely go and make sure you have the collard greens.


After doing some research on this restaurant, I realized that The Smoke Joint is part of a chain of restaurants known as The B+C Restaurants. After finding that information, I plan to try them all. If you’ve been to any of them, comment and let me know which one I should go to next. Thanks!


On one of my many random trips to Washington DC, a good friend of mine offered to take me to brunch before I headed home. She told me she had a Living Social deal for two for brunch at a place called Rumors. Approaching Rumors, I started to think, umm this place looks basic. Probably not blog worthy. But I was so very wrong.

My waiter was so nice. He had a southern accent and displayed the kind of southern hospitality that makes you feel instantly comfortable. Anyway, I read the menu and the one thing that stuck out to me was the Shrimp and Grits. My waiter assured me that it was really good. When my plate arrived, I was too excited. Ya’ll know that feeling when you’re hungry and your plate finally arrives looking heavenly. Well listen, that Shrimp and Grits was everything and more! I can’t even really explain it, but it was seasoned well and the grits were even delicious. My friend had the Country Breakfast, which was tasty as well.

photo 1

Lucky for you, I have found the Living Social Deal for you! It’s a Brunch for two deal with two mimosas or Bloody Mary’s. Click here: Rumors Deal

Location: Rumors 1900 M Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20036

Type of Food: Italian-American

Ambiance: Relaxed during the day, Night time it is a party

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****


Jade is another eatery and lounge that I would consider a hidden treasure. Walking into Jade, I was immediately excited when I saw the small running pool of beautiful fish with a Buddha statue right above it. My friend tells the waitress “she wants to sit next to the fish.” Shows how well she knows me right? 🙂 Jade’s walls are also covered with inspirational quotes by the most famous thinkers and leaders of the world. These two in combination provide a “Zen” feeling and a relaxed atmosphere. This decor and ambiance is perfect for an intimate date or relaxed hang out for friends or family.

photo 2photo 4photo 5

I had the shrimp tempura rolls which were pretty good. As an entree, or Large Plate, I had the Black Peppercorn Skirt Steak. It was tougher than I would’ve liked but the sauce was good. My friend had the Pad Thai with chicken which she said was good. Jade also supplies Hookah which I didn’t try but next time I go I will.

photo 2

Lastly, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t throw in some extra information that caught my eye. Jade has a small little machine on every table where you make your order with the help of the waitress and also pay for your meal. It was my first time using it, and I thought it was pretty cool and useful.

photo 4

Location: Jade Eatery and Lounge 1 Station Square Forest Hills, NY 11375

Type of Food: Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese

Ambiance: Zen feeling/Relaxed

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****


I kept seeing pictures of this amazing looking Red Velvet Waffle and Fried Chicken on Instagram and I had to find out where it was and go try it for myself. I finally got the chance to and I was very pleased. The waffle tastes like a really moist cake and the chicken is juicy and tender. But don’t let me give it all away, go try it yourself. Also try the side of Mac and Cheese. Initially, I was like $10 for Mac and Cheese? That’s way too much for just a side. But you get a huge portion and it’s actually really good. Tips for Soco, I suggest you make a reservation beforehand and choose where you’d like to sit. I got stuck near the kitchen which is the worst seat in any restaurant to me. Also, they play good music but if you’re going for a intimate dinner it may be a little too loud. I suggest you go with a group of people so you can have good seating and fun and live experience. Either way, I’m going back and next time I want to try sitting at their outside area. Lastly, if  you’ve been to Soco before please comment and share your experience with everyone!

Location:  Soco 509 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205

Type of Food: Southern Cuisine

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Red Velvet Waffle and Chicken
Red Velvet Waffle and Chicken

Sammy’s Fish Box Restaurant

Lobster tail, shrimp and crab legs are my seafood weakness. So when I found out I could get all of that at Sammy’s for $49.95, my greedy self was too excited. You actually get a lot of food for what you pay which is always a good thing. I went on a Tuesday and there was absolutely no one there but it was perfect because I got to indulge without a wait or crowd. But more importantly, the service was good and Sammy’s is a nice place to go eat with a friend or family. It’s really relaxed, not upscale or anything so you can go and dig in without worrying about looking cute. Maybe i’m the only one who gets serious when I’m  eating crab legs, no time for looking cute. Anyway, I suggest you try Sammy’s and afterwards take a walk around City Island. It’s located right by the water, perfect for a little photo opt right after dinner. That’s what we did and it was fun.

Location:  Sammy’s Fish Box City Island 41 City Island Ave  Bronx, NY 10464

Type of Food: Seafood

Ambiance: Relaxed

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***

photo 1


It’s Sunday Funday and I have another brunch idea for you. Forest Hills or 71st and Continental as I like to call it has really cute restaurants that are perfect for not only Sunday but every day of the week. Today, I decided to try a restaurant called Aged. Their brunch menu looked enticing and inside was semi upscale. For $15.95 you get a brunch entree and unlimited tea, coffee or champagne. I got the Aged Steak and Egg platter. The steak was cooked well and the presentation was really nice. I do wish their was more food for the price though. But if you’re looking for somewhere semi-upscale to go to brunch for maybe a meeting, or a birthday/anniversary for someone older then try Aged Restaurant.

Location:  Aged. 107-02 70 Road Forest Hills,NY 11375  

Type of Food: Steak and Seafood

Ambiance: Semi-Upscale

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***


Aged Steak and Eggs
Aged Steak and Eggs


I was wandering around the Dumbo area on a search for somewhere to eat and I came across Superfine. I peeked in the door and thought it looked pretty interesting and different so I went inside. There was a bar right in the middle of the restaurant and a pool table on the top right hand side. Not your average place. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. The food and drinks were really good. I had a Costmo which is a more detailed combination of my two favorite drinks, Grey Goose and Cranberry juice. That was very good. I also had the pork chop with mashed potatoes and a cabbage slaw which was delicious. Their menu changes every day but the waiter told me that the pork chop was one of their most popular dishes. I definitely suggest it. Overall, Superfine is a cute hidden spot in Dumbo and if you’re ever in the area, definitely stop by!

Location:  Superfine 126 Front St  Brooklyn, NY 11201

Type of Food: Mediterranean Inspired

Ambiance: Artsy

Pricing: Very Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

image-1 copy


Amy Ruth’s

I’m probably a little later than everyone else on this spot but I finally got to experience Amy Ruth’s in Harlem. Driving by this restaurant on a Friday night I knew it had to be good because the line was outside and down the block. Luckily it moved really quickly and I was seated in 15 minutes. Anyway, if you’re looking for some really good southern cuisine, decent prices and a place opened late night definitely try Amy Ruth’s. I had the fried catfish, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and yams. It was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had. And if you don’t know, I went to college in North Carolina, right in the South and I still think Amy Ruth’s tops some of the places I’ve been.

Location:  Amy Ruth’s 113 West 116th Street Harlem, New York  

Type of Food: Southern Cuisine

Ambiance: Chill

Pricing: Very Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Amy Ruth's


Looking for somewhere to go on a nice day while taking a break from shopping in Soho? I suggest you try Delicatessen It’s a cute restaurant on the corner of Lafayette St. and Prince St. with a really light and refreshing feel. That’s what I like most about it, you get the feel of a restaurant while still being able to enjoy the weather outside and people watch. I’ve gone twice so far, I suggest you try one of their macaroni and cheese combos from the MacBar which is like their team restaurant next door. I had The Classic and the Mac Lobsta’, both were really good. My friend also specifically requested that I tell my readers to try the Bellini, she said it was delicious. Lastly, I had the Three Eggs any style breakfast which was good. Nothing extremely special about it but it was good. Okay now the truth is coming out, I wouldn’t be a reliable blogger if I didn’t tell you. The service needs extreme improvement. For some reason there are only a few servers so it takes a really long time for them to get around to you. You may find yourself waiting 20 minutes just for someone to take your order. It is pretty ridiculous, but if you have the patience for it then definitely try Delicatessen.

Location:  Delicatessen 54 PRINCE STREET NEW YORK, NY 10012

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Light and Refreshing

Pricing: Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***

Breakfast ClassicMac Delicatessen



Sundays are brunch days! However you choose to spend your Sundays, one of the best things about Sunday is going to brunch. I was referred to Novita by one of my friends who told me the food was great. I’ve gone to Novita twice because their French Toast is delicious but even more-so I absolutely love their Country Frittata. That name sounds crazy right? Like what is a Country Frittata? Well it’s a pancake sized egg blend of bacon, fontina, peppers and onions with a side of potatoes. It’s delicious!! The brunch comes with two Mimosa’s. What’s brunch without Mimosa’s? So yes, I suggest you visit Novita. Also, just to let you know they do serve lunch and dinner. I’ve never gone for their other meals but if you decide to, please let me know how it is.

Location: Novita 860 franklin avenue, garden city ny 11530

Type of Food: Italian

Ambiance: Classic

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ****


Negril Village

There is nothing like good Caribbean food. You can give me Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Oxtails and Red Snapper with Rice and Peas and a side of cabbage any day! So every once in a while when I get a craving for this and I want to sit down and dine in at a more formal Caribbean Restaurant I go to Negril Village. They have really good food and they play all the tunes I like to dance to in a more upscale setting than the rest of the Caribbean restaurants I know. Also, what I like most is it is sort of  a two for one  restaurant. Meaning, upstairs is a dining restaurant and downstairs is the Rhum Lounge which is more of a fun lounge environment. I recently went to Negril and tried their Rasta Pasta. To be completely honest, it doesn’t compare to Footprints’ Rasta Pasta but it was good. I’ve also had Negril’s oxtails before and they’re pretty good.  After my meal I indulged in what I call “a sweet taste of heaven,” their mini molten cake and vanilla ice cream. Heaven!

Location: Negril Village 70 West 3rd St. (bet Thompson & LaGuardia)

Type of Food: Caribbean

Ambiance: Lounge-like downstairs

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Rasta Pasta
Rasta Pasta
Chocolate Molten Cake
Chocolate Molten Cake


While walking around the Greenwich Village area on a hunt for food, my friends and I randomly stumbled upon Slide. What captured me was the waterfall all the way in the back of the restaurant. I had no idea what Slide was, I had no idea what kind of food they served but I wanted to sit near the waterfall. Yes, this is a typical Pam move. So reading the menu I realized that Slide specializes in burger sliders. Makes sense right? Well not just regular burgers, they have chicken and waffle sliders, crabcake sliders and other combos. I ordered the American combo, Parmesan fries and of course my favorite drink, a Sex on the Beach. Very tasty!

Groupon has a deal for Burgers and Fries for two or more people!

Location: Slide 174 Bleecker Street, NY  10012

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Cute and Relaxing

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Chicken and Waffles, Porkbelly, Burger Sliders
Chicken and Waffles, Porkbelly, Burger Sliders


Walking into Oya Restaurant I was instantly in love. The ambiance is so classy with its all white couches and chairs with accents of black floral prints, white flowers and an alluring fireplace. Very sexy and chic! I went for happy hour which on most days lasts from 6pm to closing time. I had the spicy salmon which was very tasty. This restaurant also allows you to reserve a specific area for celebrations. This would be perfect to have a small cocktail birthday party or other celebrations.

Location: Oya Restaurant Penn Quarter 777 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20001

Type of Food: Eurasian

Ambiance: Upscale, Classy, Chic

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): *****





LL Dent

I recently had the biggest ribs I’ve ever had at LL Dent. I couldn’t finish them so of course I took them home. LL Dent specializes in “American Cuisine with a Southern Flair.” That is their tag line, and they live up to it very well. LL Dent has a very cute homey atmosphere, perfect place to go to have a Sunday type dinner any day of the week. Between my mom, sister and I we had three exquisite dishes. All very different and all very tasty. You can see for yourself in the following pictures.

Location: LL Dent 221 Old Country Road, Carle Place Garden City NY 11530

Type of Food: Southern Cuisine

Ambiance: Homey

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ****

Southern Fried Wild Catfish with Candied Yams and Collard Greens
Southern Fried Wild Catfish with Candied Yams and Collard Greens
Shrimp and Grits
Shrimp and Grits
BBQ Spare Ribs with Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Stewed Cabbage
BBQ Spare Ribs with Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Stewed Cabbage

Don Coqui

Don Coqui is a mix of everything in one, a restaurant, a bar and a lounge. It gives you the feel of Puerto Rico right in Queens, New York. You have the option of sitting in the dining room area where you can have a personalized party for you and your guests while enjoying the music from the bar and lounge or you can sit in a different part of Don Coqui which is more of a restaurant. I definitely suggest you try Don Coqui, maybe even on a Tuesday. Each Tuesday there is a special for half off your second entree when you purchase any regular entree. I highly suggest you try the Don Coqui Paella, it is absolutely delicious and they are very generous with the portion.

Location: Don Coqui 28-18 31st Street Astoria, Queens, NY 11102

Type of Food: Puerto Rican

Ambiance: Lounge

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ****


Seasons 52

Want something light yet extremely satisfying? Try Seasons 52. Everything on the menu is under 475 calories for the calorie conscious individual. Either way, I had the Spicy Chipotle Flatbread and it was yummy! The best part of the experience is the tray of 7 different mini desserts that you can choose from. My eyes lit up when my waitress brought out the tray.

Location: Seasons 52 located at 630 Old Country Road Garden City, NY 11530

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Business, Romantic

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ***

Spicy Chipotle Shrimp
Spicy Chipotle Shrimp
Mini Indulgences
Mini Indulgences


If you haven’t already heard of the infamous “Rasta Pasta” you are definitely missing out! Footprints‘ Rasta Pasta is a slightly spicy pasta that goes well with anything on the menu. My favorite is the Calypso Red Snapper with Rasta Pasta. The food is absolutely delicious but I wouldn’t be a true blogging friend if I didn’t forewarn you about the wait. There is always a wait time so please don’t go if you are in a rush or absolutely famished. If the wait doesn’t bother you, you will be pleasantly and joyfully impressed.

Location: 3 Locations

Type of Food: Caribbean

Ambiance: Chill

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ***

Red Snapper and Rasta Pasta
Red Snapper and Rasta Pasta
Havana Central

Cuban food..yumm! Havana Central gives you a warm vacation climate feel even in the middle of winter. The waiters are very friendly and the food tastes fresh. I had the Pollo con Pina or Pineapple Chicken. Muy Bueno!

Location: 4 Locations (Click link for Location info)

Type of Food: Cuban

Ambiance: Vacation-like

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5): ***

Pollo con Pina
Pollo con Pina
Kashi Japanese 
Sushi Time! There is nothing like good sushi with soy sauce on the side and a dab of wasabi added to the sauce. I know I’m not the only one who does that. But anyway, you must try Kashi Japanese. They have a dining area as well as a Habachi area. It’s a great place for a date or dinner out with a few friends. I had the Angry Dragon sushi rolls. Excellent!Location: 222 Sunrise Highway, Rockville Center NY 11570Type of Food: JapaneseAmbiance: RomanticPricing: ModerateStars (Out of 5): ****Image

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