Spring Is Upon Us, So Stop and Smell the Julia Testa Roses

Spring is upon us! If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of the winter and cannot wait to be out and about while letting the sun hit your face while you stop to smell the newly budding flowers. This feeling prompted me to post about a special flower event I planned in collaboration with Julia Testa.

In 2017 as a birthday gift to my sister Sharae like every year, I planned a special birthday party for her. One year I planned a Paint Nite Party for her and her closest friends and another year was a Surprise Picnic to celebrate her 25th birthday. I was brainstorming ideas I remembered going to the Chandon event on the Highline and getting a beautiful flower crown made by Julia Testa. Almost in the same moment, my sister blurts out, “what about a flower crown party?” and I knew the idea to collaborate with Julia Testa Designs would be perfect!

Imagine a Saturday surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers, wine, friends and laughs. Zara, our knowledgeable and friendly instructor taught us how to make flower crowns from peony’s, roses, rosemary, carnations and other fresh flowers. To do this, you need a thick floral wire base, then you cut your flowers and greenery. You leave about a half inch to a inch of stem on your flower. You then start adding greenery and flowers to your base, and use the floral wire to wrap your flowers and hold them in place. It was fun to see everyone put a little of their personality into their design. We also had a few boutonniere’s made for the guys. It was even better to see how happy Sharae was with her design. After we all created our flower crowns, we of course took a million pictures, ate cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. It’s wonderful how a simple idea can turn into such a great way to share memories with the people you love on your birthday.

Julia Testa specializes in private parties, corporate events, weddings and provides event services. She flawlessly integrates the main components of any event with creative sensibility. Her team is talented in individually styling events, precision planning and negotiation, and onsite event management. She also offers Floral Design classes every Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Julia Testa Address: 836 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221 and 111 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

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