10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Black Owned Businesses!

Father’s Day is two weeks away and the world is experiencing a huge shift and finally our black father’s, husband’s and son’s are getting the love and support that they truly deserve by not just us, but by everyone. In the spirit of loving on the black men in our lives (and supporting black owned businesses), I have created a list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Make sure you show bae, dad, your uncle, your best friend, or your son (who gave you those beautiful grandkids) some extra love this year!

1. So Fresh & So Clean Beard & Body Butter- $25

Welstand Boutique has a So Fresh & So Clean Beard & Body Butter good for a dad’s beard and body. We know beard and skin care is so important and this product is for balancing the best of both worlds.

2. Dad My King and Best Dad Canvis Painting Kits $10-$20

Masked Canvas are unique canvases with a masked (“stenciled”) design applied to them. This Mask allows you to paint or do an acrylic pour onto the canvas as you feel then pull up the mask leaving your design with very clean and sharp lines. Order the Dad My King or Best Dad canvases for your best dad!

3. Male Characters Collections $11.99 – $59.99

Cocomoods Concepts celebrate different types of men referred to as characters. You can choose the character that best reminds you of the dad in your life and order him a gift such as a mug, socks, backpack and more with that male character on it.

4. Dope Dad Tees $20 – $25

Melanin Motivations offers Dope Dad Tees for the dad in your life. Remind dad how important he is with these positive tees! They are even offering 40% right now!

5. Wooden Watches $129.00 – $229.00

A Few Wood Men offers Wood Watches for men of distinction. They believe “the watch you wear reveals the man you are and the man you hope to become.” This is a great long term gift for the dad in your life.

6. The “Man Cave Essentials” Box $98.00

D’MALI by Kisha Damali offers The “Man Cave Essentials” Box “something just for the fellas! The perfect gift box complete with man cave essentials that we know he will appreciate.”

7. Father’s Day Photo Greeting Card $25.00

Paper Anansi has a Father’s Day Photo Greeting Card that you can customize for the dad in your life. Choose your favorite photo of him or photo of him with the kids for the cover and add a special note inside. What is more personal than a card?

8. Shave Kit $89.95

Bevel offers a full shave kit including safety razor, brush, 20 blades, 2 oz priming oil, 3.4 oz shaving cream and 3.4 oz restoring balm. This is a great shave kit for the dad in your life to keep him clean, no razor bumps with soft skin.

9. Powershift by Daymond John $28.00

Entrepreneur, Shark Tank Co-Star, Brand Consultant and Motivational Speaker Daymond John wrote a book called Powershift that teaches you “how to master the three prongs of influence: reputation, negotiation, and relationships.” This is a great informative book for the dad in your life.

10. SAFI MAN Face & Beard Care $73.99

SAFI Man offers a Face & Beard Care grooming kit. Beard care is so important because beard’s are the difference between a daddy and a zaddy! So encourage the dad in your life to keep his beard looking great!

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