What do you do when you have a six hour layover in Dubai? You plan everything you possibly can in those six hours duh. I mean plan down to a tee. I mean plan down to how long the uber ride is, what you will wear, how long the activity is and how far they are from each other. That’s what I did with my two six hour layovers in Dubai when I went to Thailand and left Thailand. I chose to fly Emirates, not only because it is the top airline in the world, but because their home base is Dubai and I wanted to add Dubai to my travel plans. I flew into Dubai International Airport. I had previously planned and packed the outfits that I would be wearing in Dubai in my bookbag so after I landed, I changed into my first outfit and headed out through customs (which is a surprisingly very fast process.)  I did more than I thought was even possible, and it all worked out perfectly. Here’s how..

Jumeirah Mosque

When you visit Dubai, of course you want to visit one of their Mosques. I took a 20 minute Uber ride from Dubai International Airport  to Jumeirah Mosque for AED 79 ( approximately $21.) Jumeirah Mosque is the only Mosque in Dubai that is open to the public and offers a 75 minute tour at 10:00am from Saturday to Thursday for 25 AED (approximately $6.80) Unfortunately, I got to the Mosque much later in the day so I wasn’t able to experience the tour but I did experience the beauty and ambiance of the Mosque. Keep in mind, modest and traditional dress is preferred at the Mosque. You can borrow attire but I preplanned and purchased this Aro Lora Women’s Lace Kaftan Color Block Islamic Abaya Jilbab Muslim Dress and Kashkha Women’s Ready To Wear Instant Hijab Scarf  on Amazon and it was perfect.




Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

While I did not visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, I wanted to include this Mosque on the list. This Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi which is about an hour and a half from Dubai International Airport. If this Mosque is the only thing you want to do on your six hour layover, by all means, explore and let me know how your experience is. I personally wouldn’t suggest traveling this far on a layover, but if I had more time, this is absolutely the Mosque I would’ve visited. Have you been to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque? Please tell me about your experience!

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden was top on my bucket list of places to visit in Dubai. Right after visiting Jumeirah Mosque, I took a 30 minute Uber drive for 74 AED (approximately $20) to the Miracle Garden. The entry fee for adults is 45 AED (approximately $12) and 35 AED for children (approximately $9.50.) The Dubai Miracle Garden is absolutely beautiful. They are known for their floral structural designs. This garden is covered in thousands upon thousands of real flowers designed into heart arches, houses and my favorite, the Emirates plane.


Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is an absolutely must destination when traveling to Dubai. I took a 25 minute Uber drive for 77 AED (approximately $20) from Dubai Miracle Garden to the Dubai Mall. This mall has more than you can imagine. It of course has all of your favorite shops but it also has an Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, A Social House and a Hotel. At this point in your layover travels, you will be very hungry and the Dubai Mall is a great place to rest and eat.

Dubai Fountain

Located at the base of the Burj Khalifa, right outside the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Fountain. When inside the Dubai Mall, you can walk right outside or take the elevator up to a higher floor and watch the dancing water show known as the Dubai Fountain. This daily water show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The water shoots up in the air and dances along to the music. Visiting the Dubai Mall is a two in one experience.

Dubai Fountain, photo from

At this point, it was time for me to head back to the airport to catch my next flight. I took a 15 minute  Uber ride for AED 43 (approximately $11) and caught my flight on time.

Cost of Layover Breakdown

Ubers $72

Jumeirah Mosque $6.80

Dubai Miracle Garden $12

Food $20

Total Spend: $110.80