Your Ticket to Diner En Blanc NYC Is Here!

“Everyone please wave your napkin, Diner en Blanc 2016 has begun!” These are the words that signify the beginning of the annual all white exclusive invite only dinner party called Diner En Blanc. I had been looking forward to this event for two years and hearing those words was music to my ears. All of the preparation and anticipation led up to this very moment. As thousands of us waved our napkins to commemorate the beginning of this Parisian inspired elite dinner party, I realized that this is the most grand event that I’ve ever been to in my life and it was so exciting!


But before I spill all the details of the night, I want to tell you how to snag tickets to this secret flash dinner party. If you don’t want to be left out of next years grandeur, go to, choose your city and register to the waiting list. Each registration and tickets are good for two people. Diner En Blanc takes place all over the world so we all have an opportunity to experience this one of a kind event.


The most unique aspect of Diner en Blanc is that all of the details are a complete secret. As someone who loves secrets, this aspect was my favorite. You literally do now know where you will be dining until you arrive. On September 15, 2016 my team gathered at City Hall Park in lower Manhattan dressed in our white splendor while lugging our dinner necessities. Everyone was truly excited and eager to find out where we would be dining while onlookers asked us “What is this for”” and “Are you all going to a wedding?” In which we replied “We’re going to Diner en Blanc, an exclusive dinner party.”




Teams gather all over the city and follow their pedestrian and team leaders to the secret dinner location. Some teams take the train to the location but lucky for us we were able to walk. I was relieved that we just had to walk, could you imagine 100 people waiting for the train during rush hour toting chairs, tables, and picnic baskets?




After walking fifteen minutes, we arrived at none other than Robert Wagner Jr. Park inside of beautiful Battery Park. We were welcomed by dancers, a live band and surrounded by a total of 5,000 guests all dressed in white. The sight was remarkable.







We had a few minutes to arrange and decorate our tables, take out our food and get seated before the dinner party began. I was lucky enough to have everything I needed for my table including a feathered centerpiece, dinnerware, silverware and linens from my amazing event designer Kemi of Conceptual Event Designs. My beautiful floral arrangement that added a special touch to my table design was by Shanta of Diya Flowers.








So what’s dinner without the food? I of course had to have a special menu for my first time Diner en Blanc experience. My dinner menu prepared by Monique of Valid Professionals LLC began with appetizers of Chilled Jumbo Shrimp with Cucumber and Tomato Relish as well as a Pan Seared Maryland Spiced Crab Cakes. My entree included Waldorf Chicken Salad in a warm roll as well as Salmon with Mac and Cheese and Green Beans (not pictured here). Dessert was a delicious mini red velvet cake by Piece of Velvet. Diner En Blanc also offers specialty dinner packages provided by Chef Todd English.





After dinner, it is time to explore and party! I had to get up from my table and check out the amazing outfits everyone was wearing and party by the DJ! Diner en Blanc is an event to wear something uniquely different. I personally think it’s an event to step out of the box or wear something that represents Parisian style. I found some extremely eye catching guests who expressed the all white dress code in their own special way.







Diner en Blanc was surely an exquisite night to remember! The days of anticipation and preparation were well worth it. I couldn’t even imagine a better all white party (besides Diner en Blanc in Paris of course.) Special thank you to my dress designer Alison and check her out at Hopefully we can all dine together next year, until then Au Revoir!


Diner En Blanc FAQ’s (via Diner En Blanc website)

How can I participate? – You can register for Le Dîner en Blanc by one of the following three methods: by being part of the Hosts or Leaders’ personal network and getting invited by them (Phase 1); by knowing someone who registers during Phase 1 and asking them to sponsor you for Phase 2; or, by signing up to the waiting list and registering during Phase 3.

What do I wear? -All guests must dress elegantly in head-to-toe white. This means no ivory, no off-white, and no beige… Originality is always encouraged, as long as it stays stylish and tasteful.

What do you bring? -A square folding-table and two white chairs; a white picnic basket and/or bag including a gourmet meal for two, a white tablecloth and cloth-napkins, cutlery, dishware, and glassware; and a garbage bag.

Simplypamarie Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes, there will be a long walk
  • Carry a great camera with a flash, and a phone charging pack (there is nowhere to charge your phone)
  • Bring food that is still good at room temperature
  • The rules say no alcohol but do you think they are checking 5,000 picnic baskets?
  • Arrive as early as you possibly can

Please Note: All photos belong to Vladimir of Two One Nine Productions. Please credit the source.


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    Looks like a great time! I passed a crowd in white by the park and saw a bunch of people on the train.

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