Looking for somewhere to go on a nice day while taking a break from shopping in Soho? I suggest you try Delicatessen It’s a cute restaurant on the corner of Lafayette St. and Prince St. with a really light and refreshing feel. That’s what I like most about it, you get the feel of a restaurant while still being able to enjoy the weather outside and people watch during the summer. During the winter, the restaurant is enclosed but you are still able to people watch through their glass case windows. I’ve gone four times so far. I suggest you try one of their macaroni and cheese combos from the MacBar which is like their team restaurant next door. I had The Classic and the Mac Lobsta’, both were really good. I’ve also had the Three Eggs any style breakfast which was good. Nothing extremely special about it but it was good. My friend also specifically requested that I tell my readers to try the Bellini for breakfast, she said it was delicious. Lastly, I had the Steak Salad which was really good. It was perfect for lunch if you want something filling but not heavy. Their service can sometimes be extremely slow, so if you are going on a busy time such as lunch or the weekend. Please save yourself the wait and make a reservation.


Breakfast ClassicMac






Location: Delicatessen 54 PRINCE STREET NEW YORK, NY 10012

Type of Food: American

Ambiance: Light and Refreshing

Pricing: Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***

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