Serenity and French Flair at Cheri Harlem

Cheri Harlem is a lovely boutique French restaurant nuzzled in Harlem. When you walk into Cheri prepare to be greeted by a welcoming warm vibe and to be pleasantly surprised by familiar faces. What familiar faces you ask? Well, if you take a close look at the decor and table settings you’ll see faces of some of the most influential artists and entertainers of the world. Cheri Harlem’s decor and ambiance makes it one of the most unique restaurants in New York City. From it’s Parisian styled outdoor terrace, through it’s bar and lounge, past the main dining area, you’ll find the most serene garden space. I dined in the garden space, because it was my favorite room in the restaurant. Chef and owner, Alain Eoche made me feel right at home and he explained his vision behind the garden space. He said he incorporated Feng Shui in his design to create peaceful energy, and love. That’s exactly what I felt, and that’s exactly what I tasted in the food.

Before I even tell you what I ate, I have to tell you about the presentation of their menus. My waitress passed me a book and inside the book was the menu. Great touch right? Cheri finds so many ways to surprise you with true flair. I decided to choose an appetizer and entree that is different from my norm. As an appetizer I ordered the Avocado and Mango Tartare with Grilled Shrimp, the combination of my three favorite things was light and refreshing. My entree was the A Lou O’ Octopus. This was my first experience ever eating octopus, and it was delicious. As a seafood connoisseur, I would eat octopus again. Have you had octopus before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

Cheri Harlem has an impressive brunch menu, happy hour specials, hosts live music, holiday parties and offers their space for private events. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I encourage you to dine at Cheri Harlem on the most romantic holiday of the year. You and “Bae” will love the vibes, the food and the flair.

Location: Cheri Harlem 231 Lenox Ave 121st, New York, NY 10027

Type of Food: French

Ambiance: Serene and Eclectic with a Classy Flair

Stars (Out of 5): *****

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  • Reply Bemi January 31, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Beautiful place!
    Amazing ambience.

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