10 Beach Vacation Essentials

I’m traveling to a warm sunny tropical island soon, and I just finished packing. Would you like to see what’s in my bag? Sure, I’ll share some of my 10 beach vacation essentials that I take every time I’m traveling. I think I’ll even tell you where I bought them from, so that when you’re traveling, you’ll know exactly where to go.

1. Sun Hat

Protect your face from the sun with this beach hat. H&M $12.95

2. Sandals

My favorite summer sandals are Sam Edelmen. They’re colorful, comfy and great on vacation. Sam Edelman $100.00

3. Magazine

What’s your favorite magazine? This H&M magazine helps me with my spring styles.

4. Passport

Here’s a reminder, don’t forget your passport! US Passports



5. Swimsuit

I love a sexy swimsuit and when you’re traveling to a sunny island, bring your brightest colorful one. Zingara Swimwear

6. Sunglasses

My favorite sunnies are Gucci. They’re classic aviators and are perfect with any bathing suit. Bloomingdales


7. Beach Towel

This is the cutest beach towel! The pineapple says tropical, tasty and bright sunshine. Forever 21– $10.90


8. Beach Bag

You’re going to need a cute bag to put all of your beach essentials in. Forever 21 $24.90

9. Sun Screen

Remember whatever skin tone you are, it’s important to protect yourself from UV rays. Neutrogena Beach Defense $1.99


10. Cover Up/Skirt

Wear a sexy cover up or skirt to not give all your goodies away when you’re not on the beach yet. H&M


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