“A Subtlety” by Kara Walker

“A Sublety” is Kara Walker’s first large scaled projected made open to the public. “A Sublety” also titled the “Marvelous Sugar Baby” is an enormous statue of a woman mixed with an animal.The interesting and unique part about this statue is that it is created entirely of sugar. This idea of Kara Walker’s came from the desire to pay homage to the unpaid and overworked workers who transferred sugar from the cane fields to homes.



Along with the humongous statue of this sprawled out being are several small statues of young children carrying baskets of sugar. These statues are placed throughout the Domino Sugar Factory where this exhibit is located. They represent to me the most sensitive and informative description of this exhibit. They describe the unjust and unfair life of the artisan.


This exhibit is open and free to the public. This means that you should absolutely attend this event. This exhibit tells a story and also intrigues your mind on the very many levels and dimensions of art. A thorough visual description of this exhibit can be found at Creativeorg.com. Please click the link, the video is extremely intriguing and informative. I absolutely commend Kara Walker on designing something that opens the mind as well as the eyes.


Note: The line will be very long but the wait time is about 25 minutes. The line moves very quickly so don’t be discouraged. Also, you must sign a waiver to experience the exhibit. I highly suggest you use comfortable shoes and use the restroom before you attend.


What: “A Sublety” by Kara Walker

Where: Domino Sugar Factory, South 1st Street at Kent Ave Williasburg, Brooklyn 

When: May 10, 2014- July 6, 2014 ONLY on Friday 4pm-8pm and Sat/Sun 12pm-6pm


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