Celebrating My 4 Year Blogiversary

February 27th crept up on me this year. I got so caught up in life that I didn’t even realize my four year blogiversary is right around the corner. How should I even celebrate? I have no idea, because there’s so much more I want to accomplish. But sometimes I have to stop and look back and truly appreciate how far I’ve come. So this will be a transparent reflection post on the key truths I’ve learned and experienced over the years.

Blogging is Gratifying

Creating this platform over the years has given me the opportunity to share my life with you. I truly find it gratifying to be able to show you how to truly take advantage of what the world has to offer. So please, take advantage of everything you read on simplypamarie.com

Building a Brand Includes You 

When I first started blogging, I had no idea that what I was really doing was building a brand. I just thought I was using it as an information board. Oh how incorrect I was. I began my platform not even wanting to show my face. You didn’t know that did you? Until I sat down with a teammate and they told me Pam, you are your blog, your blog is your brand, people want to know you. I used that advice and started to add a photo of me enjoying what I shared with you at the end of every blog post.

Making Money Takes Time

So here’s where I keep it real. The first three years of blogging, I didn’t make a dime. Not a single dollar. Your eyes popped out your head didn’t they? Well put them back in and keep reading. I really had to figure how to turn my blog, my brand, my platform into a business. Through collaborations, Ads and sponsored posts I’ve not only been paid but I’ve also been able to experience a lot of things “on the house.” *smiles*

Great Pictures are Everything

In a world where if you don’t take a picture, it never happened, I had to learn how to not only take pictures of everything, I had to learn how to take a great picture. Luckily I’ve been blessed enough to learn great photography skills from my teammates. I’ve evolved from not having the patience to stand for a picture longer than 3 seconds, to full on 30 minute photo shoots. More importantly, I’ve learned how to take great pictures of food, my experiences and tell a story through a photo. That is so important as a blogger.

Numbers are Important but not as Important as Content

Some bloggers and brands get caught up in the numbers. I remember when I didn’t have the number of followers I have now, (and still striving to increase) and I was concerned about bigger brands taking me seriously, or wanting to work with me. What I learned is that relatable content and converting readers into supporters is way more important. Just because someone has 100,000 followers (even though that is “le goal”) doesn’t mean they’re content is better or even useful to a specific target market. Moral of the story, keep your eyes on your own paper, well in this case, your own platform and build fantastic content.

The Celebration Part

While every day that my blog is still active is cause enough for a celebration, I want to celebrate my four year blogiversary in a different way this year. I just haven’t decided how that will be. Do you have any suggestions? If so, comment below, email me or tell me on social media. This year I would love to celebrate it with you!

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