Create Your Favorite Pizza at Grimaldi’s

What’s for lunch today? Pizza you say? Great choice! How about trying a famous pizza spot where you can create your favorite pizza? Sounds even better doesn’t it? This pizza haven is called Grimaldi’s. Grimaldi’s is famous for their coal brick oven, made on the spot with whatever toppings you’d like hand crafted pizzas.

Grimaldi's 4 Grimaldi's 5


The first time I heard ย of Grimaldi’s I happened to be in the Dumbo area and I came upon a long line of people waiting to get into a building. Anytime I see a line of people I think either they are giving away something free or whatever they have at the end of the line is absolutely worth it. Well when I finally reached the front of the line, I realized it was Grimaldi’s and I took a mental note to return one day. (My patience couldn’t handle the line that day.) When I finally was able to experience Grimaldi’s, I understood why the wait was worth it. I ordered a small pizza, perfect for two with Italian Sausage and Oven Roasted Sweet Red Peppers. Delizioso!

Grimaldi's 1 Grimaldi's 2 Grimaldi's 3

If you are ever in the Dumbo area incorporate Grimaldi’s in your plan. Also, if you plan to watch a Syfy Movie with a View, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge or hang out at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Grimaldi’s is the perfect lunch date to incorporate in your day.


ย  ย Location: Grimaldi’s (Various Locations)

Type of Food: Pizza

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed

Pricing: Small Pizza $12-$14, Large Pizza $14-$16 (Additional for Toppings)

Stars (Out of 5):****

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