Dine 24/7 at Cafeteria

New York City is always awake and always alive which means we always need somewhere to eat. I know at least one time,  after a night of partying or traveling at 4 am  you were desperately looking for somewhere to sit down and enjoy food. Luckily, Cafeteria in Chelsea is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your dining pleasures.


Cafeteria was made popular by the show Sex and the City. I assumed if it was on that classic show then it has to be good! I’ve dined at Cafeteria a few times and I’m always very pleased. I absolutely suggest you try their Cafeteria Macaroni and Cheese. You should definitely order all three forms and pick your favorite. My favorite is the Smoked Gouda with Bacon. Bacon and Mac and Cheese together? How perfect!  I also suggest the  Grilled Steak and Eggs for Brunch and the french fries are delicious.

Cafeteria3 Cafeteria4 Cafeteria5 Cafeteria6

What I also really love about this restaurant is their ability to transform from being warm and homey for the winter time and cool, chill and open for the summer time. It demonstrates how flexible and inviting they are as a restaurant. In New York City the weather changes drastically and I love a restaurant that can alter their space to accommodate the changes.

Cafeteria1 6k5GUehH3aVEkF-640m

Location: Cafeteria 119 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Type of Food: American food with a Contemporary Twist

Ambiance: Chill, Relaxed, Airy light feel

Pricing: Moderate

Stars (Out of 5):****

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