Habana Outpost

Now listen, if you don’t know about Habana Outpost‘s famous Mexican-style corn you are missing out on an essential part of a complete summer in Brooklyn. Okay let’s back up a bit. First, let me announce that Habana Outpost is now open for our Spring/Summer enjoyment! What does that mean? That mean’s that it’s time for you to grab some friends and head to this outdoor hangout.


Habana Outpost is an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Let me explain how this works. You walk inside the restaurant and order your food. One line is for general orders and the other line is specifically for drinks and corn. On a nice sunny day, both lines will be long so just anticipate a wait. Then you find a seat outside and wait until your food is called that is being prepared on a truck. Be advised that it resembles cafeteria seating. Remember in high school when you circled the cafeteria looking for a seat? It’s something like that. Luckily, the seat circling and line wait is worth the experience.

Habana Outpost 5 Habana Outpost1

Habana Outpost serves Cuban cuisine. Like I said, I specifically go for the Grilled Corn and for the chill atmosphere. I’ve also tried the Catfish Taco, the Chicken Plato and Steak Burrito. All were tasty but all needed an extra kick so I suggest you add one of the hot sauce options that they have.

More great news about this location is that during the summer, they show a free movie every Sunday from May 4- Oct 26 at 8pm.  Please see the Movie Schedule below or click here: Habana Outpost Movie Night


Location: Habana Outpost 757 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY

Type of Food: Mexican and Cuban cuisine

Ambiance: Chill outdoor hangout

Pricing:  Reasonable *CASH ONLY*

Stars (Out of 5): ****


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20 thoughts on “Habana Outpost

  1. That place was amazing!!! It’s so cool how you could find a little piece of REAL Mexican cuisine right here in Brooklyn. Have to go back soon.

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  3. Sounds like a plan! :) Check out our Facebook page & blog accounts as there’s a mini surprise for you on there. See you next time!

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