Chocolat Restaurant Lounge

Chocolat Restaurant has secretly been on  my list of restaurants to go to. So when I read it was on the Harlem’s Restaurant  Week list, I thought “hey perfect time to try it.”  The good news is, it most certainly is on the list. The not so good news is, I went on a packed Saturday night and the Restaurant Week list wasn’t offered at the time. Bummer! Never the less, walking into the restaurant I really liked the set up. It was very intimate and quaint. They also had a private room where they were hosting a private celebration. So if you are looking to host a small gathering, they have a lounge for those purposes.  Also, they offer (free) Chocolat mint chocolates, so make sure you indulge on that sweet treat.

I had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Mac and Cheese and tried the Grilled Scottish Salmon which were great. I also tried the Beef Short Rib which was delicious. It was soft , pulled apart easily and melted in your mouth. I’m a fan of melt in your mouth meats, (sorry if that came off a little crazy)  I would definitely suggest the Beef Short Rib. I understand that Chocolat is a very popular place for brunch on Sundays. I will be returning for brunch. Have you tried there brunch? If so, please share below in the comment box.

Just a  tip for this restaurant. Make a reservation and arrive on time. I missed my reservation and waited for an hour.

Location: Chocolat Restaurant Lounge 2217-13 Frederick Douglas Blvd at 120th Street, New York, NY 10026

Type of Food: American cuisine

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***

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3 thoughts on “Chocolat Restaurant Lounge

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