Sanfords Restaurant

Sanfords isn’t your usual diner, they have successfully upgraded the normal diner experience to an experience that is more appealing to everyone. Walking into Sanfords I thought it was a regular restaurant because to me most diners are outdated as far as ambiance and the food is extremely simple. This wasn’t the case at Sanfords. I really enjoyed their free flowing ambiance and intriguing menus. They have won many Best Diner awards including “Top 100 Brunch Spots in the World” by Open Table in 2013 which they display when you enter the diner and I can definitely see why.


I visited Sanfords twice for brunch. Both experiences were very good. Their brunch menu is not your normal breakfast. They have dishes such as Blueberry Cinammon French Toast, Waffle Medley of mixed fresh fruit, Western Brunch Quesadilla and a Steak Skillet. All of which I tried and all were delicious, especially the French Toast. But wait, the even better news is they offer their brunch menu ALL WEEK. What does that mean? It means that if you are craving brunch on Wednesday, you can go to Sanfords and get a complete brunch menu. No more waiting until the weekend for Steak and Eggs. Great right?

I have not dined at Sanfords for lunch and dinner as of yet. I will definitely be returning to experience their other meals. Has anyone ever been to Sanfords? I would love to hear your experience.

Location: Sanfords Restaurant  30-13 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106

Type of Food: American cuisine

Ambiance: Relaxed Diner

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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