Hotel Le Bleu

Planning to visit Brooklyn, NY or just looking for a nice getaway from your own home? I think Hotel Le Bleu would be the perfect place for you. I stayed there two nights for my birthday and had a great experience. The hotel staff was very friendly, the room was clean and cozy and they also provided complimentary parking and breakfast.


My favorite part of the hotel room was the blue light that lit up the room when all of the other lights were off. I also liked the all glass bathroom. Both were a really nice touch and made the hotel room stand out from your average hotel.

Another great thing about Hotel Le Bleu is it is in a great location. It’s less than a five minute drive from the Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal. If the weather is nice, it is even okay to walk. The only downfall to this hotel is that the restaurant was closed so besides being in your room, there isn’t much else to do.

Hotel Le Bleu is offering a special from now to February 27, 2014 for 10% off your stay. Click here: Le Bleu Winter – Save 10% I suggest you take advantage of the offer.

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