Pam’s Pick-Lobster Place

While walking through Chelsea Market, I stumbled upon a gem. I kept seeing people eating these huge lobsters and I finally found it towards the back of the Chelsea Market and in the back of a market called Lobster Place. For the seafood lover like myself, this was ย a treasure. Everyone inside was happily devouring their huge lobsters and I had to partake in the party. So a ย friend and I split a pound and a half sized lobster. Basically you choose from a pound, pound and a half, two or three pound lobster. They cook it fresh and it comes out pretty quickly. The only downside is there wasn’t any old bay seasoning in sight. But even without the old bay, it was still delicious. Anyway, Lobster Place also offers fresh sushi and fresh fish to purchase if you’re looking to add on to your lobster experience. Also, it isn’t a restaurant so don’t get dressed up and go and don’t expect a full meal. Please try it out and let me know about your experience!

Location: Lobster Place Chelsea Market 75 9th ave New York, NY 10011

Type of Food: Seafood

Stars (Out of 5): ****


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