I kept seeing pictures of this amazing looking Red Velvet Waffle and Fried Chicken on Instagram and I had to find out where it was and go try it for myself. I finally got the chance to and I was very pleased. The waffle tastes like a really moist cake and the chicken is juicy and tender. But don’t let me give it all away, go try it yourself. Also try the side of Mac and Cheese. Initially, I was like $10 for Mac and Cheese? That’s way too much for just a side. But you get a huge portion and it’s actually really good.

My second experience at Soco was really nice. On a rainy day I went to Soco for Brunch. My friend and I sat in the back outside area (which was enclosed for the winter). It was kept really warm but we still had a nice “outdoor” experience. I had Farmer’s Omelet and my friend had the Short Rib Hash. Both were delicious! I mean so good. We also shared a order of Red Velvet Waffle and Fried Chicken. It was her first time at Soco and I couldn’t let her experience the restaurant without that dish.

Short Rib Hash

Farmers Omelet

Lastly, if  you’ve been to Soco before please comment and share your experience with everyone!

Location:  Soco 509 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205

Type of Food: Southern Cuisine

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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