Frames Bowling Lounge

So we all know the cold weather is coming in NY, and now we have to start finding fun events to do inside.  So I suggest that you plan a Friday or Saturday night or whatever day at Frames. It’s a bowling alley/lounge/arcade/restaurant, pretty much everything in one. Personally I’m not a big bowler but the atmosphere is cool because there’s so many other things you can do. But anyway, if you’re looking for birthday plans they have private bowling rooms for just you and your friends. They also have a private lounge area that you can also rent out. If you’re like me and kind of over the whole Dave and Buster’s thing, try Frames instead. It has a more adult feel but you still can enjoy yourself like you’re a kid again. ;-)

Location: Frames 550 9th Ave (corner of 40th Street) New York, NY 10018

Pricing: Varies– (Click for Rates)

Find great deals on Gilt City click: Gilt City Deals including one hour lane rental for four for $64 and more!

* Age Requirement: 21+ after 8pm

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