Taka Taka

Mexican Sushi and Japanese Tacos! No I didn’t say that backwards. Taka Taka specializes in a interesting twist on sushi and tacos. I went to this restaurant on a lunch break and was drawn into the restaurant when I saw the moving belt of sushi. How it works is there is a conveyor belt with different sushi, each plate symbolizes a different price range and the numbers correlate to what’s on the menu. You just pick what sushi you are interested in off of the belt and indulge. I think it’s a really cute experience. I had the Ebi Yaki Skewer (grilled shrimp with a mixture of peppers) and a few different sushi combos from off the belt. To be completely honest, the idea of the restaurant is the intriguing and pleasurable part. The food is good but entirely overpriced for what it is. So why am I blogging about this right? Well hey, why not try something different. It’s interesting.

Location:  Taka Taka 330 West Broadway New York, NY

Type of Food: Mexican Sushi, Japanese Tacos

Ambiance: Relaxed

Pricing: Overpriced

Stars (Out of 5): **

TakaTaka1 TakaTaka2 TakaTaka3

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