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The Rock Grill

The Rock Grill is exactly what the name states, a restaurant that uses an 800 degree rock as the cooking means for your delicious entree meats. What makes this Asian inspired restaurant so unique is that you cook your entree to your liking on your own personal Rock. What does that mean? It means that you choose two meats to cook yourself!
The Rock Grill

Now there is one catch to this special restaurant, it isn’t your normal brick and mortar restaurant. The Rock Grill is located on the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship. In my opinion, it was the best restaurant on the cruise ship. For an additional $30 you choose an appetizer, two entree meats, two sides and dessert from the menu. I chose the Chicken Dim Sum, White Chicken, Colossal Shrimp, Bok Choy with Peppers and the Mandarin Cheesecake. I have to point out that the Colossal Shrimp are two pieces of the biggest shrimp that I’ve ever seen and the Mandarin Cheesecake was so perfect that I ordered two.

The Bahamas Celebration is a two night cruise that is great for couples, families and friends. Fortunately, if you are interested in experiencing this restaurant you would also be experiencing a fun two day vacation. If you are interested in this vacation, you can contact the Bahamas Celebration at 1 (800) 314-7735 or click Bahamas Celebration.

Location: The Rock Grill - Bahamas Celebration Cruise line

Type of Food: Asian Inspired

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  $30

Stars (Out of 5): ****

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Pam’s Pick! Casuarina Bridge, Freeport Bahamas

If I was asked to share my favorite part of my trip to the Bahamas, it would absolutely be my visit to the Casuarina Bridge. Casuarina Bridge is the islands largest bridge which stretches over the Grand Lucayan Waterway. When my friends and I pulled up to the middle of the highway, parked the car and got out, I had no idea what to expect. Well, I was completely blown away and in awe when I saw the scenery. It was beautiful! It just filled me with a feeling of peace and stillness.

Casuarina Bridge 1

Living in New York City, there is rarely any peace and stillness anywhere so this was a perfect escape from what I’m accustomed to. After a while I sat alone and focused on appreciating life and thought about some of the things that were heavy on my mind. If you are visiting Freeport, Bahamas and need an escape to just relax for a moment, this is the perfect place. Also, it would be so romantic for a marriage proposal, a deep conversation or a soul searching private moment.

Casuariana Bridge2

Has anyone ever been to Casuarina Bridge? I would love to hear your view on your experience there. If you haven’t been, Casuarina Bridge is a must if you visit Freeport, Bahamas.

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Grand Lucayan in Freeport, Bahamas

We all need a getaway once in a while. A place to go to escape that never ending cycle of work, responsibilities, stress and even sometimes people. So if you fall into that category and find yourself desperately needing a fun yet peaceful vacation I would suggest visiting the Grand Lucayan in Freeport, Bahamas. The Grand Lucayan is a resort that is literally all in one. This resort has an amazing beach, several pools that also include an in-pool bar, restaurants and other amenities such as tennis, golf and a Spa. As soon as I reached the resort, I checked my bags with the friendly staff and basically ran to the beach. The weather was gorgeous and just playing in the waves of the water relieved all stress and worries that I had. If you’re a person that loves being in the water like me, you’ll also enjoy the pools where they provide floats so you can lay back and let the pool carry you away.

Besides the fun amenities, the Grand Lucayan also has beautiful and clean rooms. If you stay at the Grand Lucayan please stay in an ocean view room. Why? Because the ocean view will change your entire experience. I sat on the balcony/ patio every day by myself. It was the most relaxing and relieving feeling of my whole trip. Maybe because I’m really big on views or maybe because it’s just a great way to reflect and find peace. I also had  a bird friend come join me, I guess he wanted in on the experience as well.

The Grand Lucayan is also in a great location. Directly across the street from the resort is Port Lucaya. Port Lucaya is an outdoor center with shops great for buying gifts and souvenirs, restaurants that will provide you a delicious taste of the island and bars/clubs for nightly entertainment. In walking distance from the resort is also the Treasure Bay Casino which is open 24 hours. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to spend their day at the beach, eat until their stomach is stuffed and then try their luck at the casino all in one day and in one location. I know I would, would you? Well now you can, with this great deal I found for you on Groupon! This deal includes a 5-night stay at the Grand Lucayan! Click here for details: Grand Lucayan Deal

Grand Lucayan 9

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Celebrating 1 Year of Simplypamarie on the 100th Post!

Congratulations to all of my readers! Together we are celebrating my 100th post and our 1 year anniversary of sharing great information with each other. Thank you to everyone for supporting me and helping me bring my vision to life. I look forward to delivering more great information to you and even more, I look forward to hearing your feedback! In the new year to come I want to extend the standing invitation to plan your events, dates and outings. You are more than welcome to contact me at or (323)909-2953.

100th Post



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Chocolat Restaurant Lounge

Chocolat Restaurant has secretly been on  my list of restaurants to go to. So when I read it was on the Harlem’s Restaurant  Week list, I thought “hey perfect time to try it.”  The good news is, it most certainly is on the list. The not so good news is, I went on a packed Saturday night and the Restaurant Week list wasn’t offered at the time. Bummer! Never the less, walking into the restaurant I really liked the set up. It was very intimate and quaint. They also had a private room where they were hosting a private celebration. So if you are looking to host a small gathering, they have a lounge for those purposes.  Also, they offer (free) Chocolat mint chocolates, so make sure you indulge on that sweet treat.

I had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Mac and Cheese and tried the Grilled Scottish Salmon which were great. I also tried the Beef Short Rib which was delicious. It was soft , pulled apart easily and melted in your mouth. I’m a fan of melt in your mouth meats, (sorry if that came off a little crazy)  I would definitely suggest the Beef Short Rib. I understand that Chocolat is a very popular place for brunch on Sundays. I will be returning for brunch. Have you tried there brunch? If so, please share below in the comment box.

Just a  tip for this restaurant. Make a reservation and arrive on time. I missed my reservation and waited for an hour.

Location: Chocolat Restaurant Lounge 2217-13 Frederick Douglas Blvd at 120th Street, New York, NY 10026

Type of Food: American cuisine

Ambiance: Intimate

Pricing:  Reasonable

Stars (Out of 5): ***


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