Dine in Brooklyn

Brooklyn homes some of the best restaurants and food in New York City. A lot of Brooklyn’s restaurants are great places that you would pass by if you didn’t know what was inside. To my surprise Brooklyn has decided to create a Brooklyn based restaurant week experience called “Dine In Brooklyn.” From October 20-23rd and October 27-30th over 150 restaurants are providing a pre-fixe dinner menu for $25 and a 2 for $15 lunch menu. If you have any restaurants in mind that you have been meaning to try, this is your time to check the list and make some time to participate in this celebration. Some of my favorite restaurants that are included in this list are Footprints, Sugarcane, Milk River and Peaches. Do you have and Brooklyn based restaurants that you think I should try? Comment below and let me know where I should go!



5 Sweet Indulgences For National Dessert Day

No dining experience is complete without a sweet indulgence at the end. Dessert is always a happy ending to a great meal.  Today we are celebrating that happy ending. It’s National Dessert Day! If you constantly have a sweet tooth like I do, this list is for you. I’m sharing five of my favorite desserts and where they are located. I suggest you grab your happy ending partner and indulge in something sweet. :-)

1. Apple Pie

The apple pie from Witches Brew is amazing! The crust is flaky, the pie is warm and paired with ice cream and whipped cream the experience is delightful. Fall is here and apple pie is always a fall favorite, trust me this pie is worth it.

Witches Brew 3



2. Red Velvet Cupcake

Have you been to Georgetown Cupcake? If you haven’t, you need to go to one immediately! Georgetown’s cupcakes are freshly baked and they are delicious. My favorite cupcake is their red velvet cupcake. It is soft, has a great red velvet taste and is topped with a cream cheese frosting with a fondant heart. My second favorite cupcake is the chocolate sundae. (Unfortunately this cupcake is seasonal.)  Both are delicious and great to order for celebrations or to pick up for an after dinner dessert.




3. Warm Chocolate Molten Cake

Nothing warms my heart more than chocolate cake. I am absolutely a chocoholic and chocolate cake is my biggest addiction. So for me, nothing is better than a warm chocolate molten cake paired with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. One of my favorite molten cakes is from Martha’s Country Bakery. The cake is a nice sized, it’s delicious and my heart is always warmed with happiness at the end of my experience.



4. Mandarin Cheesecake

Now I know this choice is a bit far fetched because this cheesecake is from a restaurant called The Rock Grill on the Bahamas Celebration ship but I had to include it on my list. The Mandarin Cheesecake was so perfect that I ordered two. It was light and refreshing, sweet and satisfying. It was the perfect ending to dinner and honestly I want to eat it again!

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5. Mini Indulgences

At the end of every meal at Seasons 52 the waiter brings out a tray of 7 mini indulgences. Your eyes will light up when this tray arrives and you will want every single one displayed, even if you don’t normally eat it. I have tried a few of the indulgences but I can’t suggest a favorite because they change every season. I do know that after you a great meal, these desserts are the perfect happy ending.



Top 5 Taco Tastings on National Taco Day!

Remember taco night at home with your family? I’m sure everyone has had taco night at least once. My sister and I use to have fun grading cheese and preparing all the taco toppings. Those were the good ole days. Well now we’re all grown up and we head out for taco night. By going out for tacos, we can taste as many as we want at some of our favorite taco spots. Let’s all celebrate National Taco Day with a special taco tasting at some of my favorite spots!

1. Blockheads

If you’re a true New Yorker, you should already be familiar with Blockheads. Blockheads is one of the most well known hang out spots. During the warmer months, you can catch everyone at Blockheads sipping margaritas and eating tacos. The food is good and the atmosphere is relaxed and great for friends. This is one of my favorite mexican taco spots. Have you been here? What’s your experience? Comment below!




2. Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano is well known for their delicious guacamole. But not only is their guacamole good, so is their tacos. I devoured the “Alambre de Camarones” or “Skewered Shrimp” tacos. They are absolutely delicious. Rosa Mexicano is more of an upscale mexican restaurant. It’s perfect for a date or a business dinner. Either way the food is great and so is the atmosphere.

Rosa Mexicano Tacos



3. Iguanas Mexican Grill

Iguanas is a “go to” after work spot. It’s a great place for drinks, letting your hair down and unbuttoning your shirt after a long day at work. You go to Iguanas for shots at the bar and tacos to soak up the liquor. That’s really all it’s about. We all need one of those taco and drinks experiences at least once right?




4. Habana Outpost

Habana Outpost is an indoor and outdoor restaurant. You walk inside the restaurant and order your food. Then you go outside an pick up your food that is freshly prepared on a truck. Your next task is to find a seat, then drink, eat and laugh with friends. Habana Outpost is a favorite spot amongst everyone for the summer time. The food is good and so are the drinks. I usually go for their corn and pair it with their catfish tacos (with added hot sauce.)

Habana Outpost Tacos


5. Dos Caminos

I saved the best taco tasting experience for last. The best way to celebrate National Taco Day is at Dos Caminos. They offer Tour de Tacos which is a eight taco spread of four “flavors” of tacos. These “flavors” include asada, carnitas, pescado and pollo tacos. My favorite were the pollo and carnitas. Both were flavorful and split between two people the platter was very fulfilling. What better way to celebrate than with a taste of all flavors. Happy National Taco Day!

Tour De Tacos 2